Gold Standard: Scott Clifton, Justin Theroux, Ryan Kwanten, Love Or The End Of It Brings Drama, Highlight Hollywood News


Last week’s three best male performances on television include Scott Clifton, who portrays Liam Spencer on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Justin Theroux, who portrays Kevin Garvey, Jr. on HBO’s “The Leftovers” and Ryan Kwanten, who portrays Jason Stackhouse on HBO’s “True Blood” each brought a unique and heartfelt-style to their performances last week.

The “B&B” love triangle between Liam, Hope and his brother Wyatt came to an end on the CBS soap with Hope choosing Wyatt over his older brother.  That however gave actor Scott Clifton a great deal of drama to play out, as Liam confronted Wyatt, then confided in Hope that he was there in Paris, and that the only reason he didn’t get to her in time was because he saved Ivy, who took a dunk in the river.   Liam’s heartbreak as he confronted his brother was only eclipsed by his conversation with Hope, as he painstakingly described his love for her, and the many, many times their commitment seems to falter.   Has Liam moved on? 

Well, Scott Clifton by week’s end found himself playing Liam, a heartbroken man, who is already in the love-sights of another.  Scott did a great job making us feel for Liam, as he grieved what he believes in the end of an era for him.   Will he move on with Ivy? Pine away more for Hope?  Time will tell.  But Scott Clifton deserves the Gold for his wonderful performances last week on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which airs weekdays on CBS.

Kevin meets Det Vitello at Gladys' crime scene
And what about the shocking revelations we watched last week as Kevin Garvey was shown for the louse he was, but we felt his shock when during the “rapture,” or whatever occurred in the world on that day, three years ago, he saw his one-night-stand disappear before his eyes.  We also got to see Kevin’s troubled relationship and problems with his wife at the time and the type of police officer he was on that fateful day.
Justin Theroux played a heal, but also showcases his character’s heroic side as well. Within an hour, we saw several sides of the character of Kevin Garvey, which gave Theroux the opportunity to prove that he can play it all.  Next week’s season finale will most likely showcase even more of this handsome actor’s talents, and this show is finally picking up, and it’s building a cult-following of devoted fans, who can’t get enough of Theroux.

“The Leftovers” airs Sunday nights on HBO.

“True Blood” has come to a crashing halt!  Viewers are furious with the showrunner Brian Bucker, who told us, he’s not sorry about the ending.  Sadly Buckner doesn’t seem to get that fans felt devoted and actually cared for the core characters, and wanted more resolution and more understanding for their faves.  But everyone will cheer on the final performance of Ryan Kwanten, who went from sexpot with what seemed like a seven-year-itch, to father and standup man in Bon Temps.Ryan Kwanten has always made the role seems as though it was uniquely different from all the other characters on the show.  Jason Stackhouse was oftentimes a man on the “make,” but on Sunday we watched as Jason finally found the woman he’d spend his life with, have a family and become what he always wanted to be, a great father.   Perhaps the character finally made his evolution, but Kwanten from day one was always powerful and underrated as an actor on the show, a show, filled with renowned performers.


“True Blood” was not True To The End, but Ryan Kwanten the actor, definitely was.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Art Streiber/Bell Phillips TV Productions; HBO
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