‘The Trip To Italy’ What Famed Film Reviewer, Historian Barry Rubin Thinks, Highlight Hollywood News

“The Trip To Italy” is not your average film but, instead, a sequel to the earlier film of the road trip made by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to the northern part of Great Britain which, due to its success, formed the basis and reason for their “Trip to Italy”. Directed by Michael Winterbottom, Coogan and Brydon drive their way in their Mini-Cooper convertible along the Italian coast sampling persons and cuisine of the most delightful nature. Intermixed with the tour they are taking, references are made to the two tourists’ personal lives and the not so fictional versions of them.
Coogan and Brydon are wonderful as they banter, ad-lib and joke with each other about their respective traits, family problems and personalities and, through it all, exemplifying a caring and bonding that is rarely found among two friends who have no negative agenda.
You watch the film liking its heroes and wishing you could be the third member of their group.
 Rob Bryden and Steve Coogan … too self-aware?
Unorthodox and unlike most films the viewer will experience, I give the movie 3 stars for, above all, it is fun to watch, extremely entertaining and allows the audience to experience, not only the charm of really charming men eating extraordinary gourmet dishes but, in addition, the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and country that is Italy.
Written By: Barry Rubin, Sr. Film Reviewer and Hollywood Historian
Photographs are Courtesy:  IMDB
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