Artists From Switzerland, Taiwan, Israel, United Kingdom and Canada Take Top Honors in 2014 Expressionism Art, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE

Highlight Hollywood is daily revealing the 50 categories of winning artists in the 2014 American Art Awards. Emerging and mid-career artists around the globe entered online art in which was scored by 25 of the best American galleries.
The artists winning “Category 13 – Expressionism” offer a variety of unique and mesmerizing oil and/or mixed media images from their studios in Switzerland, Taiwan, Israel, United Kingdom and Canada.


1ST PLACE winner MARYAM DEYHIM explains, “I paint scenes that I see in my dreams or emerging on the paper itself. Occasionally I have a theme in mind but the process is the same, I just draw and paint what I see in my mind.”

Deyhim has painted since she was a child and attended classes in caricature and animation. Three years ago, with the encouragement and support of her partner, Paul Matthews, she began to seriously pursue her art career, to almost instant success.

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Deyhim has exhibited internationally at the Espacio Gallery (London), Centro Hotel (Dubai), Lugano (Switzerland) and the Dialogue of Nations (Iran). Following her successes in the 2013 American Art Awards, she was a featured artist in Arttour International magazine’s Best of Contemporary Art 2013.

Matthews explains, “Maryam becomes completely absorbed in her work. She loves to paint scenes of interaction, from the intimate dialogue of two people to the hustle and bustle of bazaar. There is a commonality in the sense of fluidity and harmony, so beautifully observed.”

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Maryam Deyhim’s web site:

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AAA
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