Best Cubism Of 2014 American Art Awards, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE

Emerging and mid-career artists around the globe entered online art in 50 categories which was scored in August by 25 of the most established American galleries. Today we announce the winners in Category 9 – Cubism.
Today’s Picasso is Oliver Perry.
1ST PLACE winner OLIVER PERRY lives and works on the banks of the mighty Thames just outside London. Using an intense lyrical narrative born out of fervent bursts of creativity, the figure is pared back to its basic building blocks, simplified and abstracted, to produce a contemporary evaluation of the figure as a collection of geometric shapes and planes with graphic over-tones and how these react to its architectural surrounding. This multi-layered dialogue has an innate sense of composition and rhythm, formally and chromatically, challenging the contemporary outlook on the human condition, stripped bare of the flesh like armor, its interaction with architectural form becomes a series of geometric shapes and organic forms.
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In breaking the painting down into compartmentalized units of color, stripped of all extraneous detail, the figure is rendered in pure codified information. It doesn’t offer a representation of reality, rather, a universally recognizable idea of it. Perspective is delineated through overlapping layers and scale, while the fresh, graphic simplicity with which such an overwhelming concept is inferred, allowing the painting to revel in illusion over representation.
A kaleidoscopic distortion of colour and sophistication of line imbue the composition with functionality. Organic forms and sharp angles smack of high design achieved through deconstructing the original image into abstracted components in a twenty-first century cubism that references an inkling of abstraction while allowing the viewer only fragmented suggestions of a space that seem both mechanical and biotic, providing an intimate experience wherein the viewer engages their senses and inner mechanisms of thought, in order to feel their way through their personal labyrinth of the mind, to their own place of enlightenment within the ominous echoes and liberating streams of consciousness.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AAA
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