Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Highlight Hollywood Names TV’s GOLD STANDARD Week Of Sept. 21-27, Henderson, Towers, Schreiber, Lang, Scene Stealer; Shriner

The nonstop drama on television last week really shows that not only primetime, but also daytime television are both alive and well.  “General Hospital,” which the talented behind-the-scenes geniuses, from Mark Teschner to Frank Valentini have returned the series back to the glory day so Wendy Riche and Gloria Monty, and the once long nightmare under the previous regime is fast becoming a distant memory.  Also, heading into tonight’s season finale, Liev Schreiber has ratcheted up his dramatic performance in “Ray Donovan,” making it the must-see series on Sunday nights.  “The Bold and the Beautiful” still proves to be the contender to beat, and the most watched daytime drama on the planet is readying to say so long, for a short time to its leading lady Katherine Kelly Lang, while TNT’s “Dallas” was the most explosive two hours last Monday night, Josh Henderson’s smoldering hot performance is all the buzz in Emmy-circles.  And Kin Shriner proves he’s still a hot leading man.
What a week!  TNT’s “Dallas” ended with a bang, but this time my pal Mary Crosby wasn’t the shooter. In fact there was no shooting on the exciting season finale of the hit drama. The explosive two-hour finale showcased John Ross Ewing as the defeated, then the undefeated.  Josh Henderson’s marathon of emotions puts him on par with the greats in television dramas.  We watched in horror as John Ross was devastated by being betrayed and outplayed yet again by mom Sue Ellen and Uncle Bobby, only to turn around to remind them, “You say I’m as rotten as J.R.? You are wrong, I’m worse!” Sue Ellen and Bobby took pause, and for good reason. This dastardly dude is ready to bring vengeance on Ewing-style, living up to his namesake, the legendary J.R. Ewing.  But Henderson also lived up to Larry Hagman’s magnificent performance, and earlier in the first hour, we saw John Ross save Emma, after being raped and tortured by a cartel member in Mexico.
Josh showed John Ross’s fears when it looked like he was going to be shot and killed, to the ultimate finale, waltzing into the elevator arm-in-arm with Judith Light’s Judith Ryland. What a finale, what a terrific performance.
Constance Towers is back, Helena, the real Helena is back. The writing for the return of the most devious woman in the Western World, Helena Cassadine was terrific to watch.  The horrors Helena has done in the past seem like a distant memory, because she’s plotting even bigger schemes to bring her enemies to their knees. Constance manages to show us the wit and humor that lies deep inside Helena, but that gun-toting beauty is even more striking, more lethal with the subtle writing, that teases a bigger plan in her arsenal.  It’s magnificent to see this striking beauty showcased again, and the writing and directing are only eclipsed by the star’s acting performance, and it is going to be even more exciting in the weeks to come. “General Hospital” is firing on all cylinders.  Towers, West, deVry, Stafford,  Benard, Howarth. What a show!
Liev Schreiber is downright frightening to watch as Ray spirals out of control on the hit drama “Ray Donovan” on Showtime.  From putting his cheating wife in a Trousdale mansion to trying to stop the killer of his daughter’s boyfriend from getting near her, Liev is one of those unforgettable actors that has such pacing and style as a performer, that you feel like you need a jet-plane to keep up with the nuances he exhibits from scene to scene. We feel sorry for Ray, something many in this town would have a problem doing.  Hey, Hollywood-fixers are sometimes the most reviled men in Tinseltown, but RayDonovan-Voight-Schreiberthe handsome leading man makes viewers love him, empathize with him, and tonight, we’ll all be crying, because we’ll have to wait until 2015 after tonight’s finale to see him again.  This bad guy with a heart is welcomed into our homes via the premium cable network “Showtime.” It’s bound to go out with a loud bang, since “Homeland” explodes back on screen next Sunday, and you won’t believe Carrie’s next move.
With Brooke Logan in love, in lust, in confusion, we can always expect a performance that is top notch on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Katherine Kelly Lang is dancing her heart out in Italy, but right now Brooke is trying to decide which man she wants to be with.  Will she choose Bill Spencer or Deacon Sharpe?  Lang has the ability to make us believe Brooke is in love all over again, whether it’s with the new guy in town or the men of her past, she’s mastered the art of making it work each and every time.   Last week we wondered what Brooke’s next move would be, and this coming week, we’ll find that out.  The star will be off the canvas for a few months, but never far from viewers’ hearts and minds.
And the scene-stealing performance last week was by Kin Shriner.  Proving he still has “It,” the star played Scotty, still the undecided and popular guy in Port Charles. Leading Lucy and Bobbi to make a stand.  Kin’s work has always been without exception, superior.  He still looks great, he’s energetic, he gives his all in every scene, and we could not get enough of him.  Memo to the great Frank Valentini: We need more Scotty, Bobbi and Lucy Coe!  There’s so much nostalgia, love and entertainment left for these wonderful and yet legendary performers.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  TNT; ABC; Brian Lowe/Bell Phillip TV Productions; ABC
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