Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

#LongLiveLongmire Created A Twitter Stampede, ‘Longmire’ Canceled, But Far From Dead, Highlight Hollywood News

A&E’s cancelation of “Longmire” is not only a foolish decision, but opens the incredible series, its talented cast and crew to a better deal. Our sources tell us, that the people behind the creative side are pushing along, trying very hard to revive their hot series on another network, and with fans like the Longmire Posse, it’s no wonder other networks are paying attention.  On Monday night, the Posse virtually shut down Twitter with #LongLiveLongmre tweets, which coincided with the normal airing hour of the drama, starring Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips and a cast of talented actors.


This show is one of the most meaningful on TV, and it’s a shame A&E failed to see what a brilliant and creative force this show embodies. From rich writing, to authentic and yet fascinating Native American stories, it dealt with injustice, bigotry, love, hate, family, the law, everything that makes for a wonderful story vehicle, and the writing was sublime.  Each of the show’s actors has such a unique ability to bring the audience into their realm, it was incredible to see A Martinez and Lou Diamond Phillips give authentic Native American modern-day Western genre characters real life.



Robert Taylor is one of the best actors on the planet, and everyone is now left up in the air on the most exciting season finale in decades on any TV series.  This is unfair to the fans, and it’s unfair to the crack cast and crew.  A production company of geniuses, all they need is a network that believes in genuine and terrific storytelling. What a shame A&E no longer stands for Arts & Entertainment.


With the exception of “Bates Motel,” there is nothing now worth staying with the network for.  Because many of the cast and crew of that show are friends, our editors will be covering it, but absolutely nothing else, including that silly Duck show and those pawn non-stars and unreality fiasco called entertainment.
However, thousands of “Longmire” fans have posted on our Facebook Page, that they won’t be sticking around, not even for “Bates Motel.” A&E lost a lot of viewers when they canceled “The Glades,” but this is now the final straw from hundreds of thousands of viewers, according to what they tell us on Social Media.



What an exciting report Highlight Hollywood received directly from The Longmire Posse this morning. “The Longmire fan base united en masse to send the message loud and clear, that they are not through with Longmire! So many were involved in the social media stampede last night, that many people had Twitter crashes, including me. Last night offered up more than half of the total number of #LongLiveLongmire tweets since I started using the #LongLiveLongmire hashtag on Aug. 28 (the day of cancelation). That is phenomenal! I have always said that it takes a Posse, and last night – that Posse sprung into action. I was impressed by the number of fans who came on to twitter for the first time, just to take part!”
Adding, “My goal from day one, has always been to increase the power and influence of the Longmire audience in social media. Last night, that influence was encased in gold! At our peak: we hit 85,000 tweets per hour. Numbers we have never come near to in the history of the #LongLiveLongmire effort. I am in awe of the fearless members of the Longmire Posse!”
Highlight Hollywood has confirmed that the #LongLiveLongmire is also noted by to their Top 40 List last night (Monday, September 8), but also #LongmirePosse trended at the top as well.  So, can one say it in one sentence? #LongLiveLongmire!


Stay tuned!


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy: A&E

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