Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

#LongLiveLongmire, How A Martinez’s Message Resonates With Longtime Series Fan, We Will Be Together Again, Highlight Hollywood New

A Martinez has voiced what fans and cast and crew of the hit TV series Longmire really stood for.  It was evident to viewers that this was a close-knit and very loving cast, and their intense talent poured on to the screen, coupled with such brilliant performances and writing.  Fans got it right, A&E got it all wrong. Not only is it stupid to discount people over 40, but to cut their nose off to spite their face; they canceled their number-two rated show in order to rid themselves of people they seem to consider worthless.  Longmire Posse-members are far from that, and soon we’ll be reporting news that the show has been picked up by a smarter and more worthy network or online streaming service, that appreciates “viewers,” for their loyalty, not judging them for their wisdom, (or as A&E calls it, age).
Martinez’s sentiments included how the group also felt forced to bid farewell to a family they’d come to know and love.
On Monday A. Martinez (Jacob) shared a photo on Twitter which showed members of the cast gathered round to share a meal. Included in the pic were (left to right) Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry), Cassidy Freeman (Cady), and Adam Bartley (Ferg).

Longmire fans have seen this love and loyalty with the cast for a long time, as evidenced by the photos Longmire Chief Pamela shared with Highlight Hollywood.
The fate of Longmire remained uncertain this summer as the show’s third season aired on A&E, ending with a life-or-death cliffhanger.   But, everyone connected with the series from on-screen family to off-screen family, everyone seems to have a feeling that a positive outcome is coming.
Producers have been shopping the drama around over the last few weeks with the hope of finding a new home for Season 4, and fans are being asked rightly to be a bit patient. These things do take time, I can vouch for that.   But don’t you dare give up.   We’ll all ride with Walt and his gang again in the future.
Chief Pamela of the Longmire Posse said it best, in a statement to Highlight Hollywood, she said:  “Tommy, it’s not just the cast and crew that have a sense of family with Longmire, its become like family to we fans too! I have so many photos that demonstrate that familial connection the Longmire company has formed. Its truly a special thing.  The connection between the characters on the show feels so real because its there OFF camera too. We’ve got to keep this Longmire family together!”
Longmire will return, to a better place, one where its crack creative team, on screen talent and it’s 6-million fans are appreciated.   Stay strong! And remember, #LongLiveLongmire!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: A&E; Longmire Posse
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