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Powerful Terrorist Art And Peaceful Seascapes Capture Best Abstract Expressionism, 2014

Highlight Hollywood is daily revealing the 50 categories of winning artists in the 2014 American Art Awards. Emerging and mid-career artists around the globe entered online art which was scored by 25 of the best American galleries.

RALPH WHITE images are so calming, collectible and commercial that he has been a favorite artist of American corporations for years. MOHAMMAD SAMI also produces aesthetically beautiful art compositions, but his subject matter could not be more controversial. Both artists are profiled below.
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1ST PLACE winner RALPH WHITE is an abstract artist who brings a lifetime of transformational thinking into his work. A highly successful executive business coach, Ralph has worked with thousands of clients to uncover new possibilities for their companies. He brings this same philosophy into his modern painting, expressing the soul’s ability to evolve. His paintings reflect his constant pursuit of enlightenment and his openness to intuitive response. One of the premier creators of spiritual and mystic art in Los Angeles, Ralph is a painter who is inspired by the power of intention. A believer in the artist’s ability to create a dialog through each image, he is continually intrigued by the convergence of the art and the observer. Through his work, Ralph persistently forges the opportunity to achieve personal breakthrough and reaction to the spirit and soul.
White’s recent exhibitions:
“Northwest vs Southwest” Accepted Artist
Artists Portfolio Magazine Diploma of Excellence for Solar Flame
Media 3 Art Biennial,
“Everything Grows” Accepted Artist, Raebec Gallery online exhibition
Accepted for “I Love Art” book published by Masters of Today
ISAP Signature Members Online Show
International Society of Online Painters
“Featured Entrant” on Art Takes Miami Facebook Page, See.Me
The Artist Book, Show Artists International
Permanent Display-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Harbor City, CA
15th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibit, Upstream People Gallery
Compix Media, Irvine, CA
Starlight Theater, Costa Mesa, CA
2013 Silver Award, Emerging Artists Discovery Prize-Show Art Magazine – Issue 6, Magazine, Show Artists International
From Head-2-Toez Salon, Huntington Beach, California
Corporate Exhibit and Luau -Teshima and Company,Torrance, California
2012 International Art Show Online Exhibit – Abstract -Top 15 most voted for Artist, Guests Gallery American Art Awards – Online International Exhibtion
2012 Juried All Media Exhibition – Palos Verdes Art Center, Rolling Hills Estates, California
Evergreen Bank of China – Beijing, China
Urban Trend Corporation, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
CA 101- Pop up Gallery Exhibit – RBAG, FRBA, Redondo Beach, California
International Healing Art Project, Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation, Santa Barbara, California
Valour-Art Artists competition Hall of Fame- Online Gallery International Society of Experimental Artists
21st Annual Juried Exhibition and Art Symposium – Gloucester, Massachusetts
Art Takes Times Square, Artists Wanted Competition- Times Square (21 x 12 foot sign), New York, New York
Cloudmover Day Spa- Huntington Beach, CA
Thank You for Creating, Brit Week
2012 Artists Competition and Exhibition- L.A. ART Walk, Los Angeles, CA
Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and Exhibit – Agora Gallery, New York, New York
Wide Open 3, Brooklyn, New York
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——————————–MOHAMMED SAMI
Born in Baghdad, Iraq, controversial 2ND PLACE and 4TH PLACE winner, MOHAMMED SAMI, 30, is an artist based in Norrköping, Sweden since 2007. Sami lived his early adult years in war-torn Iraq surrounded by tension and the horror of daily bombings and assassinations. The marks of these deep traumas are apparent in his acrylic paintings, as well as elements inspired by the shape of symbols found in our everyday life – maps, torn bodies of animals and humans, or recognizable images by other artists. In so doing, he plays a multidisciplinary role in his new politics/paintings as a peace-pushing critic using sarcasm and Graffiti protests, working on large size canvases.
In 2007, Sami moved from Iraq to Sweden. Since 2010, his paintings have been embraced and collected throughout Europe, in exhibitions at the Autumn Salon in Paris, Norrköping Art Museum, 2011; Gallery CUT UP in Germany, Rudd Claire Gallery in London, he was awarded the 1st (Secret art Prize) Curious Duke Gallery/London 2014. Sami was featured in Art Investment by Rebecca Wilson/ Saatchi Gallery 2014. In the last three years, Sami had solo exhibitions in Dag Anderson gallery Norrkoping/Sweden 2012 and Jamm Art Gallery/ Kuwait 2013.
“The solemn, narrative canvasses produced by Mohammed Sami display great stylistic precision and creative maturity. They bear within them powerful underlying themes, which the artist has been exploring since fleeing war-torn native Iraq: trauma, migration, broken geographies and ruptured identities. Fragments of tragic stories make up Sami’s carefully constructed compositions, emerging precisely on the fine line between figurative and abstract, between explicit depictions of animal carcasses and blurry landscapes of desolation. Sami’s work is heavy with content and bursting with potential. These are grand, thoughtful meaning-bearing paintings.” – SABINA ANDRON/ Founder
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AAA
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