Award-Winning Designer Emre Unayli Spoke Exclusively With Highlight Hollywood On Viral ‘Twin Peaks’ Posters He Designed, And More!


When Showtime announced that the premium network which airs shows like “Homeland,” “Penny Dreadful” and “Nurse Jackie,” would now be bringing the “Twin Peaks” reboot to their network, ordering nine episodes, fans around the world celebrated. Twitter was abuzz and now we know Mark Frost, the co-creator of the show will be publishing a book in 2015, catching viewers up with the characters over the past 25-years.  Soon Twin Peaks posters went viral, and the designer Emre Unayli became synonymous with some of the most acclaimed artwork design, which many of us say belongs on billboards.


Soon we found out that Unayli’s work is not just on one of his favorite series (Twin Peaks), but also other shows and films.  Highlight Hollywood spoke exclusively with the Turkey-based designer about his passion and his Hollywood hopes.  He’s on his way, that’s for sure.  Talented and creative, he takes us through the painstaking process of creating this incredible artwork.



Q~How long have you been designing, and when did you know this was your passion?



Emre~I’ve been designing posters in my head or on my notebooks since the sixth grade starting from being bored in classes. To become a professional, I had to study cinema and  television in college, and then art direction afterwards. So the passion was always there, but I’ve been doing this professionally for the past couple of years.emre-guardian



Q~What made you so passionate about Twin Peaks? And who is your favorite TV series?


Emre~That’s a tough question and sincerely the woodsy-environment is my favorite part of the show. Sure the mystery, the characters are top-notch, but the reason that I’m in love with Twin Peaks is its atmosphere. The woods, the music, that traffic light changing from green to red, that fog siren in the morning, the weather. Those are my favorite parts in the series,  instead of the human characters.  Oh, and the owls. “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” is a quote that I’m gonna get tattooed on my arm one day.



Q~What has been your education in learning design and the artwork you’ve done? And also, where did you study?


Emre~Well, I got a Bachelor’s Art Degree in cinema and television, but to be honest I owe everything I know about design and advertisement to Miami Ad School Istanbul. After four years of college, I found out that I had to enhance myself so I applied to Miami Ad School Istanbul and got a scholarship even though I had no idea about the advertising industry. But that was the beauty of it because the school is more of “an idea school” instead of “an advertisement” one. The founder of the Istanbul division knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry more so she helped me to train myself both as an advertisement guy and an artist. And thanks to that I can work in multiple industries. While I was studying there I ended up winning two “Key Art Awards” and got the chance to do my internship at the co-production of Iron Man 3 in China. Sure, the cinema and television education helped me to get there, but without Miami Ad School I wouldn’t be at the place that I’m in today.



Q~There are lots of industry people reading, and I want them to know about you. What are your mid-term and long-term goals to get into this industry, and what would you love to do more than anything?


Emre~My mid-term goal would be to work in the States. I really want that instagram selfie with my design hanging from some building in L.A. All jokes aside, I’m always working on something new and trying to find ways to explore the artist in me and improve myself. That’s why I did these Twin Peaks posters. There were some new ideas and techniques in which I didn’t know how to do until I did it. My long-term goal would be to be one of the “It guys” in the ad for the entertainment industry. I want to make people excited. Because when I see the first poster or even the teaser of a film that I’m really hyped-up about, it gives me this feeling. I get so emotional when I see a good poster or a trailer (especially TV show promos, my god, when the voice-over says stuff like “only on ABC” or “all new next week” it gives me goose bumps, I really don’t know why) And if it’s a good one I just want to buy that or even steal from a billboard (which I almost did once when I was 16, for a “Friends” poster on a billboard) and put it on my wall. I also really want to create my own tv show one day. Cause I also write. But I don’t think I’ll do that ’till I’m 50 or something. I need more practice in that department.



Q~How long did it take you to design those gorgeous Twin Peaks 2016 posters?


Emre~Tommy, the whole process took about two days, that includes coming up with the ideas, searching for the source images and putting it together. When I’ve got something going on my photoshop, I don’t do anything else. Sometimes I don’t even sleep ’till I get to the point where I can go “ok, this looks good for now, I need to sleep on it and see how it works tomorrow”.   I ended up listening Angelo Badalamenti’s hauntingly beautiful score for the series (which is 14 hours long or something if you count the unreleased stuff from at least three times while I was doing this. I was coming to the point where I speak backwards with my family after these [Laughing].

twinpeaks-poster12 twinpeaks-poster8

Q~Will you be coming to America one day to hopefully make your dreams come true?


Emre~That’s the dream. I feel like I belong there and people say, I do. This industry in Turkey, especially for the entertainment posters and artworks, is very limited. And I grew up with the American culture, though I’m realistic enough to know that “The American Dream” is really hard to get but that’s ok. I just want to create along with those great talented people in the States and be a part of the “Hollywood”. So I’m keeping up with the hard work and my fingers are crossed.



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