Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Best Animal Realism Awarded To Artists In The Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, USA And United Kingdom, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE

Painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists from 51 countries entered online art in which was scored by 25 renown American galleries. Highlight Hollywood has thus far revealed winning artists (one category at a time, daily) in 32 of the 50 categories of the 2014 American Art Awards. Today we reveal winners in Category 33 – Animal Realism.
1ST PLACE WINNER in this category is MARCEL WITTE who also won the 2014 AMERICAN ART AWARDS BEST OF SHOW.
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Since 2003, Marcel Witte has a successful career as a professional artist creating paintings that are unique in every aspect. Choosing Hyperrealism, he nevertheless makes no concessions to other current art trends. Highly technically-skilled and with a perfect eye for detail, Witte paints life-size animals against monochromatic backgrounds. By implementing human features to these animals, the paintings confront and challenge the viewer – but at the same time the whimsy creates a comfortable, idyllic perspective. The single-colored backgrounds deepen the images, intensifying the contrast and creating an emptiness that is at the same time attractive and repelling. Humor, human characteristics and social criticism have always caught the public’s attention, and this multi award-winning artist in The Netherlands is a much sought-after visual storyteller within the literary tradition of fables.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AAA
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