Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5, Changes Are Coming, And Yes, Winter Is Coming As Well, Highlight Hollywood News

If it’s one thing residents of Westeros in “Game of Thrones” realize.  Changes are always coming, and how they prepare and then adapt is everything. House Stark, loyal, moral and honorable has been decimated virtually. After Ned was beheaded by orders of the boy King Joffrey, Robb, the King in The North was murdered along with his wife and mother, Lady Catelyn Stark at the Twins Castle at the infamous Red Wedding. Sansa became a hostage of the Lannisters, until she made her way to the Eyrie, and Arya has been on the road for years, only now is she finally on her way to Braavos, to become a faceless assassin.   But, viewers know, that Winter is Coming.


With the exciting HBO series and George R.R. Martin’ s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels, we have seen  those changes grow exponentially, from omissions of characters and storylines to now new characters that being brought forth in Season 5, not even in the books.



But, George RR Martin spoke during a visit to NYC this week, and in an interview with MTV, he  said, “I’ve been saying for four or five years that we’re heading in that direction,”  “I said that as early as my season one interviews: It’s the butterfly effect.”



“Sometimes you make a small change in season one, and it requires a bigger change in season two, and a bigger change in season three, and it snowballs,” he continued. “I think to some extent, that’s what’s happening here.”


But does that explain the inclusion of something like the final scene of season four’s “Oathkeeper,” in which viewers saw the White Walkers’ base of operations for the first time? The scene does not exist in the books — not yet, at least — and seems to mark either a major change from the “Ice and Fire” novels, or an early look at what Martin has planned but not yet published.



“When you see a scene that’s not in the books, it can actually be one of three different things,” said Martin. “It could be a scene that could have been in the books but I didn’t have a viewpoint character there, like the scene between Bronn and the Hound in the ‘Blackwater’ episode of season two; there’s no reason it couldn’t have happened in the books, except neither of those guys are viewpoint characters.”



“Then there are the scenes that David and Dan have gotten to before the books have gotten to them,” he continued. “They will be in the books, but David and Dan, knowing what’s coming, have moved it up a little.”
The bestselling author Martin also acknowledges that building his story in the books requires fewer moving parts than what Benioff, Weiss and company require to bring “Game of Thrones” to life.gameofthrones14_132

“It’s two different mediums,” he said. “Each one has its own demands. David and Dan are operating under some restrictions that I don’t have: budget, shooting time… I can have a lot more characters than they can. I don’t have to worry about putting actors under contract and all that. There are practical considerations going on there.”



“Game of Thrones” returns in April 2015.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: HBO; DeviantArt
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