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Last week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to three powerful actors, who really poured on the best performances in TV all week.  One a daytime giant, and the other two, primetime icons.  Dylan McDermott is incredible and charismatic as the tough-ass Detective Jack Larsen, who shows no nervousness over crossing the line of the law in order to protect innocents being harassed by stalkers.  This show is really scary, very true-to-life and the former powerhouse of ABC’s “The Practice” is now taking no prisoners in CBS’s new drama “Stalker.”  Also, Charlie Hunnam is burning up on Tuesday nights as Jax Teller on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” an almost schizophrenic and dangerous gang leader of the infamous Central Valley California’s maniac looking to avenge his wife’s death, while thirdly and certainly not least is Don Diamont, who portrays $Bill Spencer, the billionaire mogul who stops at nothing to get what he wants on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.”



The edginess and sexual tension that Jack Larsen showcases in CBS’s new drama “Stalker” is nothing compared to the man who portrays the unwavering detective.  Dylan McDermott has been outstanding in every role he’s ever played, but this one is really his calling, and I can’t think of anyone else who could pull this role off.  Last Wednesday’s debut received much hype from CBS’s crack PR team, but it was even better than expected. McDermott is a powerhouse on screen, and he didn’t fail to deliver every line with perfection.  He’s taking no hostage, no pun intended, and the actor just simply smolders in the role.  Every woman in the office could not take her eyes off of the TV set for the pilot, and all of the magazine’s editors concurred, “This could not work without Dylan McDermott,” CBS’s newest best actor in primetime.


“Hostages” airs Wednesday nights on CBS.jax-7

Jax Teller is on a bloody rampage, and Charlie Hunnam manages to keep the role exciting after seven years of playing the maniac with a heart of gold, now turned cold!  Stone Cold should be Hunnam’s TV handle, as he is downright scary in the role. His wife’s death left a hole in his heart, and sometimes it seems in his brain.  Somehow, even though Jax is in denial, there’s a part of Jax that just seems to doubt that mom Gemma and nemesis Juice were totally innocent in Tara’s vicious murder. Sure, Hunnam has never shied away from being powerful and dangerous on Kurt Sutter’s biker gang drama.  But he is portraying something he’s never quite done before. The danger of Jax is right at the surface, but it takes a real thespian to know how to reign it in, longer, keep the fire burning, waiting ever so patiently until his evil genius showrunner is ready to light the fuse.  Can’t wait to see it when he blows like a ton of TNT.


“Sons of Anarchy” airs Tuesday nights on FX.


And then there’s Don Diamont.  Man, is he making Bill Spencer one of the most hated men in Daytime TV?  Well, that’s not quite the case, but $Bill is more like J.R. Ewing every day.  Don is so charismatic in the role, he has everyone paying attention to Bill’s next move.  The man who portrays a power-wielding brute on air, in real life is anything but brutal.  The level of acting ability in this performer, just seems to impress us more and more every day.  Bill felt despair when Brooke broke things off, and Don shows a level of vulnerability without making Bill weak.  Diamont is a daytime legend, and his performance is even better than ever before.


“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy: CBS; FX; Art Streiber/Bell Phillip Television Productions

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