Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Halloween 2014, How Highlight Hollywood’s Littlest But Smartest Readers Are Enjoying This Season With Family And Friends

Halloween is the day that wonderful good kids get to break out mom’s makeup, run to the store to get costumes and to enjoy candy and treats.  But, in the old days, some of us had to come up with tricks to get treats, so what are you guys and gals doing this year?  Going to make mom and dad’s bed tomorrow morning?  Maybe help rake the leaves out in the yard? Oh well, just enjoy tonight without thinking too much about what you might do tomorrow, but make sure it’s something mom and dad would be proud of, okay?Nolan, we have some hobos in L.A., but not one of them is as cute as you are…  Here’s hoping Grandma Debbie gives you plenty of treats again tonight, as she does all the times you come to visit. SSSSHHHH!!!  Don’t let mom Rachel hear, okay?nolan

And at the B’s house on the east coast, Madeline Blair, Emma Grace (Get well soon, sweetheart) and Wyatt are all having fun.  Emma has Strep-throat, so she can’t get out as much this weekend, but she’s a beauty and will be feeling 100-percent in no time at all.

mad-b2 emm-1 wyatt-wd
Wyatt is auditioning for the role of Daryl Dixon on the hit AMC zombie drama “The Walking Dead,” and something tells me, Carol isn’t the bravest and baddest anymore!
Treyson and Camryn are also having fun, here’s hoping those two little angels are getting plenty of candy too!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Facebook
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