Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

#SaveDallas, Fans Speak Loud And Clear To TNT On Show Being Canceled, Highlight Hollywood News

Fans of the now canceled primetime drama “Dallas” are hitting back hard, and a viral campaign to save a canceled television series from the brink and to bring it back for is going wild.



Following the hugely popular season finale, fans are outraged that the cable network TNT has decided to issue pink slips to their favorite stars, in what seems to be a growing trend of destroying shows after not properly promoting them, or hiring hack writers and producers like they did at “Y&R” at CBS to destroy a show, and then wonder why fans are so upset.



But many loyal viewers who stuck with it are not ready to let it go. A “Save ‘Dallas’” petition on the website Causes.org has attracted more than 43,000 signatures at [midnight in Beverly Hills], with the campaign’s creator, Sara Duckworth, saying that the legacy of the famed fictional Ewing family is too important to simply discard. As news of the cancellation spread on Saturday afternoon, #SaveDallas began to trend on Twitter.



Highlight Hollywood readers had plenty to say.  Clara Suggs said, “That’s crazy… so they just gonna leave us hangin like that?”  Lori Hornack followed up, “That is some serious, serious Bull. I’m done with TNT forever!”  Jennifer Chang-Koutroumpis said, “I am going to tweet the hell out of this to tie up their time lines to say, renew ‘Dallas.’  Roshawnda Heyward Herrington, “See TNT notorious for doing shit like this, just, wow man!”



Nicole Loney-Hay, “That sucks… so pissed off!”  Raydon Stamper replied, “I wonder if we had a different writer instead of Cynthia, would the rating have been better? Just wondering!”  Melinda Kanakaredes stated, “I’m not accepting this. I’m emailing TNT.”



Shawn Mallek replied, “This is some straight up BS!”  Denise Swanner, “You can’t have a season end like it did.”  Jennifer “DaddysGirl Edwards, “Damn, Damn, Damn, in my Florida Evans voice!”



Fred Hough replied, “So upset over this.  A movie needs to be made to tie up loose ends, and end it with dignity for the complete saga and series.  For future generations to discover and be satisfied at the end and HATE TNT!”   Fred Hough reminded, “This so saddens me. Yes, a movie to tie up the storylines, needs to be made.  ‘Dynasty’ did it.  ‘Dallas’ will now forever drift into history. I doubt now it will be returned, as the actor now will go on to other projects. Very sad. We do need a movie to end the saga of ‘Dallas’, so it will be complete for generations to come, who discover it, and want to watch the complete series.  Old one and new one.  This show as on top. Best stories, I hate TNT. How sad Larry Hagman would be.”



Shani Moore agreed, “They should at least give it another season to clarify what is going on. (SMH).  Susan Searcy added, “I just can’t believe it. They could have done one more season or even a few episodes to tie things up.  I’m hoping another network picks them up.”  Dee Leach, “TNT does this all the time.  ‘Leverage’ is a great example.  While Rebecca Sandoval Gonzalez had one word to sum up TNT’s behavior. “Dumbasses!”



Roshawnda Heyward Herrington concluded, “‘Hawthorne’ too was cancled and it was excellent. They do this all the time. I wish ‘Dallas’ was back on network TV.  CBS is its home.”


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Written By: Danielle Johnson, Contributing Editor 

Photographs are Courtesy: TNT via Dallas Decoder

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