‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Premiere, An Episode So Raw, Unyielding, Devastating, Action-Packed, Highlight Hollywood News

Unlike no other episode in the five year history of AMC’s whopping-hit “The Walking Dead,” the debut episode will answer a great deal of questions, especially about the intentions of the “Termites” at Terminus.  But, it starts from the first frame with such a powerful amount of action, that by the first commercial break, you are asking yourself, where can it go from here?  That question is soon answered, it’s unbelievable, action that remains for the full hour, by the end, one is gasping in shock, and finding yourself asking, “Did AMC, did TV censors really allow such brutality to be aired?”  But it’s not gratuitous violence, and one of the most unlikely of heroes rises out of the dust.
Episode one, “No Sanctuary” is the most violent in the show’s five-year history.  The residents of Terminus were never going to be as good as they promised everyone who read their signs.  But Rick’s group, so humiliated, hungry and physically and emotionally drained from the Governor’s attack surely placed themselves in the vulnerable position of wanting “sanctuary,” of wanting some semblance of peace in a world filled with not only zombies, but people, who find themselves at the end of their rope.
What is most shocking to critics who viewed this first episode, is, that the people of Woodbury had nothing on Terminus.  They were essentially hoodwinked by a sociopath, a charming and charismatic leader in the Governor, to be fooled into doing terrible things against their enemies, mainly at the Prison.  Terminus residents are totally devoid of morals, they are in fact, pure evil, and the violence is necessary to show the viewers just what a horrible trap Rick’s group has found themselves in.  There seems to be no hope within the first 10-minutes of the episode, only to be proved right, time and time again.  But, Rick said it best in last season’s finale, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.”  That they are!
The good news is, that Carol (Melissa McBride) rises to the occasion, and you’ll get to see who she really is this time around. She’s no longer the whimpering battered wife, the grieving mother of Sophia, or the heart-wrenched heroine who used “mercy” killing on Lizzie.  No, Carol is no longer the woman she used to be, but she is bold and even more lovable for viewers in a whole different and new way.
There is also a special-effects scene that really seemed as though it belonged on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Whatever AMC paid for it, they got their money’s worth, it is in fact a building up of a scene that we’ve never expected in five years.  Gone is the budget of just putting a knife in the skull of the undead, now this show has fully come to the table, and dare I jinx it?  Emmy-worthy indeed.twd-banner
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon outdoes himself in some of the most emotional scenes one can imagine ever seeing him in.  And Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), is going down and back up again, in a blaze of glory.  I don’t think anyone will be prepared for what is about to be a premiere on Sunday night, that viewers and fans will be talking about throughout the rest of this season.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Sunday night at 9.   I won’t warn you again, so listen up, don’t miss it. 

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Gene Page/AMC
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