‘Earl Hamner Storyteller’, A New Documentary Film About One Of America’s Favorite Writers, Highlight Hollywood News

For over seventy years, Earl Hamner’s writing has entertained and inspired people all over the world. As the creator of television classics The Waltons and Falcon Crest, and writer of such films as Spencer’s Mountain and Palm Springs Weekend, as well as several episodes of The Twilight Zone, which have become fan favorites Earl’s versatility is evident. Other television credits include episodes of Wagon Train, The Invaders, Gentle Ben, Nanny and theProfessor, Boone, CBS Playhouse’s Appalachian Autumn, and Apple’s Way (which Earl also created). Television movies and teleplays to his credit include Heidi, Aesop’s Fables, The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, Charlotte’sWeb, Lassie: A New Beginning, The Gift of Love: A Christmas Story, The Night Before Christmas: A Mouse Tale and A Mother’s Gift, as well as the critically acclaimed screen adaptation of Where
the Lilies Bloom.
***There was not always family harmony on the set of The Waltons
In Earl Hamner Storyteller, actors, directors, producers, family and friends share stories about Earl. Cast membersfrom The Waltons, including Richard Thomas, Michael Learned, etc., talk about working with him. And there aregreat stories from Falcon Crest cast members such as Lorenzo Lamas, Abby Dalton, Susan Sullivan and more.
Others paying tribute to Earl in the film include James Best, Carole Cook, Mary Badham, Phillip Alford, BelindaMontgomery, Jeffrey Byron, Morgan Woodward, Richard Hatch, Hal Williams, Lynn Hamilton, DavidHuddleston, Leslie Winston, Martha Nix, Ronny Cox, Vince Van Patten, David Doremus, Peter Jason, Jennifer Edwards, Marta Kristen, Bill Mumy, Anne Serling, Jan Smithers, Rachel Longaker, Charlotte Stewart,Deanna Lund, Erica Hunton, Michael A. Hoey, Jeb Rosebrook, Claire Whitaker, Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, Jim Person, Scott Hamner, Caroline Hamner, and more.
***Falcon Crest actors discuss Earl’s handling of the on-set feud between Jane Wyman and Lana TurnerIn the Storyteller documentary, Earl travels back to his childhood home in Schuyler, Virginia. While there, he visits with his siblings Paul, Audrey, and Nancy around the kitchen table in the house where they all grew up. They share family stories and talk a little about what it is like having The Waltons  loosely based on their family and growing up with Earl – John-Boy’s alter ego. The segment ends appropriately with the siblings saying “Goodnight” to each other, as was customary in the Hamner home so many years ago. Earl wrote this custom into his television show when he created he show and it became the iconic closing of each episode.
***We explore Earl’’s life from his rural upbringing in Virginia to his  major success in Hollywood
While in Schuyler, Earl visits one of his fishing holes and swaps stories with his son Scott on the banks of the Rockfish River. He also gives Scott a tour of the Alberene Stone Corporation, where Earl’s father worked, along with most of the residents of their town. They visit a family cemetery and also attend a service at the Baptist church where
Earl attended as a young man. Some of the interviews with Earl and Michael McGreevey are conducted at theWalton’s Mountain Museum, which contains replicas of several rooms from the television show. It was the perfect setting for Earl to reminisce and do what he does best – tell stories.
***Learn why Richard Thomas and others consider Earl a national treasurePaul Cardall – American Pianist, who’s music and original score will be featured  in EARL HAMNER STORYTELLER, starred the gracious Ronnie Claire Edwards in “The Widow’s Mansion” video. The Widow’s Mansion was commissioned and inspired by best-selling author Richard Paul Evans for his novel, “The Christmas Box” – It’s the story of a lonely widow who is still grieving the loss of her little girl even in her old age. Each December 6th the widow placed a love letter to her daughter on the grave.CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK:
https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/earl-hamner-storyteller-documentary  DVD’s may be pre-ordered through an Indiegogo campaign, which will allow more clips of Earl’’s work to be licensed and included in the documentary. There are other great perks for supporters:  Go to: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/earl-hamner-storyteller-documentary
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: HBPR
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