‘Once Upon A Time’ ‘Fall’ More Secrets And Spells, Inching Closer To The Winter Finale, Highlight Hollywood News


After the previous two-part special, episode nine of the Once Upon A Time’s fourth season, “Fall,” opened with Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) meeting the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) in the woods, ready to make a deal. The spell of Shattered Sight is going to hit at sundown, pitting all of the Storybrooke residents against each other, except for Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison,  and Rumple. He threatens to make the Snow Queen’s life Hell for eternity if she doesn’t let him leave, with Henry  behind.



Emma proposed that the only way to escape its effects is to leave town, so they all make their way to the ice wall. David (Josh Dallas) smacks it with a pick axe, only for its magic to send him backward. It does produce a crack in the snow, however, out of which Elsa pulls Anna’s snowflake necklace. They split up with different attack strategies.




At the pawnshop, Belle (Emilie de Ravin) tells Emma and Elsa that there may be a way to undo the spell, once it covers the town. With a piece of an infected person (like a hair), you can make a vaccine. Belle confirms that Anna was under the spell, and with her necklace, they may be able to make an antidote to the curse.



In Arendelle, Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) unfreeze to find that the urn containing Elsa is gone. Anna finds a gold straw, pointing them to Rumple, but before long, Hans (Tyler Jacob Moore) enters and puts them under arrest for treason as the new King of Arendelle. Anna and Kristoff fight off Hans’ men with sword and hammer, and run.



They make their way to the woods, where Anna tells Kristoff what she learned in her mothers’ notes. The King and Queen were on their way to a “wishing star,” which they obviously didn’t’ reach. Additionally, they were going to meet with Blackbeard the Pirate. Anna suggests that they go to Blackbeard, use their heaps of royal cash to pay him for the wishing star, and use the star to locate the urn with Elsa.




Emma and Elsa bewitch Anna’s necklace so that it will lead them to Anna. They’re quickly led to the library, which has tons of magic tunnels beneath. The duo explores the mines until they reach a wall – right where the necklace is going wild.


Back in Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff have made it to Blackbeard’s ship, the Jolly Roger. They tell him (Charles Mesure) that they want to buy the wishing star, and he offers it for his weight in gold. Anna offers it willingly, before they realize that Hans has made it to Blackbeard first.



Blackbeard reveals that he did meet Anna’s parents, who he claims did have the wishing star.   Emma and Elsa meet with Leroy (Lee Arenberg) over plans to clear the underground passage, but it will take days. David appears with a message from Belle: The fairies definitely can make an antidote from Anna’s necklace, but the necklace will be destroyed. They would be unable to find Anna afterwards. Regina believes that – if it’s the difference between saving the whole town or just saving Anna – they should save the town. The Charmings agree, and Emma gives Elsa the news. She leaves wordlessly, taking the necklace with her.



Rumple mets with Belle and the fairies and says that he’d just like to hang around, perhaps learning something new about light magic. Meanwhile, Killian creeps around the corner, Sorcerer’s Hat at the ready. Emma and the rest of the group meet the fairies thinking they have the necklace, but since Elsa tricked them, there’s no way to make an antidote. Emma and David decide to descend into the mines, find Elsa, and help her find Anna.



They find Elsa attempting to knock down the wall with magic, despite the avalanche or two that she’s caused in the past. Fortunately, the wall goes down smoothly, opening a passage to a beach. The necklace continues to glow, though Anna is nowhere to be found. Emma begs Elsa to bring the necklace back to Belle and the fairies.





By night’s end, Regina told Henry (Jared Gilmore) that she had to put their survival before the plan to find the author of the Story Book. She explains that she is going to bewitch their home, where he is to stay, safe from everyone. He bravely tells her to go before time runs out, and they say their “I love you’s.” Robin is outside waiting, so Regina tells him to get away somewhere safe while she seals herself in a vault. He says he is not afraid of her, but she says he should be.

Now, all of the Storybrooke citizens are locked away in their  homes, vaults and cells, except for Emma, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Rumple. The curse slowly washes over them, with bits of sparkly, snowy glass in the air. It enters their faces, freezing over their eyeballs, and turning them against each other.

Oh heck!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  ABC
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