Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

#SaveDallas Comes To An End, However, One Super-Fan Creates Campaign For ‘Dallas-Movie’ To Tie Up Storyline, (VIDEO), Highlight Hollywood News

“Dallas” fans are mostly devastated tonight, after more than 80,000 fans later petitioned to save the show through the ‘Save Dallas’ campaign,  but have been unsuccessful in their efforts, as we reported earlier today.  However, one fan Ryan Kwasneski is not giving up the fight to pay homage to the “Dallas” cast, crew and fans, to tie up the final storylines, in a “Dallas” movie. That is his latest goal, and Ryan’s run a clean and very positive campaign, which was noticed by our editors, as well as cast and crew. He was always about promoting “Dallas,” not himself, and he is a fine young man, so we’ll share his news as well.


Though it seemed as if it was a funeral today, when the talented award-winning executive producers of the show Cynthia Cidre and Michael M Robin have now released a statement on DallasDecoder.com, saying: “After a 6-week attempt to try and land our beloved Dallas at another network, we have to inform you that we have not succeeded.

“Warner Horizon has attempted, in a Herculean way, to try and find us a new home, but at the end of the day it did not work out.”
They also thanked the fans who petitioned, saying: “We so appreciate the outpouring of support by all of you, and the #SaveDallas campaign was a truly remarkable undertaking. We cannot fully express how much we loved making this show for you and with you.”Talented and handsome leading man, actor Josh Henderson also released a video message thanking fans of the show for their “love and support,” and you can see it by clicking HERE!

Highlight Hollywood’s friend Ryan Kwasneski, who famously immediately created “Dallas: Get the Ewings A New Network” Facebook Page reached out to us on Wednesday evening saying that he’s not giving up on getting a “Dallas” Movie made to give the fans a final farewell and ending open storylines for the Ewings and viewers.  Ryan has started a Petition to make sure the viewers’ voices are heard, and he’s also created a new YouTube message, which you can see HERE!
And please sign Ryan’s iPetition to support a chance for a “Dallas” movie to tie up loose ends.
Ryan asks fans to share, sign and help this latest campaign go viral!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: TNT
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