Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Heartbreaking Midseason Finale Tonight, Terror At Hospital, Violence Unfolds, (VIDEO), Highlight Hollywood News

“The Walking Dead” season five midseason finale is tonight. And you’ll get to see someone that you wanted badly to see. But, you will also find yourself with tears of horror and sadness streaming down your faces by the end of the hour.   And is it me? Or does someone else feel like they would like to slap Father Gabriel upside his head?  His decision to leave the church will send Michonne on his trail, leaving Carl and Judith at the church alone, and in danger.  And that’s not even the most dangerous locale tonight.  In Atlanta Rick’s foolishly been convinced by Tyrese and Daryl to go to Dawn quietly and calmly to demand Carol and Beth back.  Big mistake!




In a clip AMC released below, you see Father Gabriel finding a Bible, and you can hear zombies in the background, and him seeing something that chills him to the bone. Then again, Father Gabriel is pretty chicken anyway, so it may not be personal to him, just his normal reaction.


Las Vegas bookies and fans on social media are counting the odds of Beth, Carol, Daryl, Rick, his group at Grace Memorial Hospital, and Michonne, Father Gabriel, Carl and god forbid Baby Judith’s chances of making it.   Having seen the episode, I can only say, you’ll be heartbroken!




“The Walking Dead’s” midseason finale for season 5 airs tonight on AMC immediately after the 2014-episodes encore, at 9 p.m.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AMC
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