Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Dear Sasha And Malia, A Classy Letter From A Former First Daughter To 13 And 16-Year Old Obama Girls, Attacked By GOP Operative, Highlight Hollywood News

When a GOP operative Elizabeth Lauten took to Facebook and social media to attack a 13-year-old and 16-year-old. The Congressman Stephen Fincher, a Republican from Tennessee. The focus went on Latuen as a person who went rogue, but actually she’s not rare with the GOP, that has done nothing but show the first black President and his wife and now his kids nothing but disdain.  However, one former First Daughter, a dear friend of mine, wrote an Open Letter to the teen girls that is sincerely from the heart. 

lautenElizabeth Lauten, preaching about a “phony” fabricated issue, calling the Obama girls “Bar Sluts,” somehow didn’t realize at 17-herself that she should be more ladylike. It appears in a Smoking Gun report, that the now fired GOP Congressional staffer was herself arrested for stealing.  No surprise that she thinks she’s one to preach to others and trying to bring ridicule and shame on teenage girls. Lauten is a true “mean girl,” who bullies other girls and women on social media.  It seems now that if women make accusations against powerful men, they are ridiculed by others, social media has put a spotlight on the true souls of many.  It shows a lack of morals and respect for others, while the same people use it to promote their own pet projects.



But this isn’t about the trash who attacks two young girls. It’s about a beautiful, classy lady, Patti Davis, who is the daughter of the late President Ronald Reagan and former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who wrote an open letter to the Obama girls, speaking sincerely and frankly about the harassment First Daughters oftentimes receive.

In part my dear friend Patti writes: “As First Daughters, you can’t win. There will always be bitchy people sitting at their keyboards, seething with anger at their own lives, ready to take it out on you. But in this case, I think you did win. The internet exploded with rage at Elizabeth Lauten and in defense of you. People have suggested she should lose her job, be exiled to a desert island, and other harsh recommendations that I won’t print here. Many have pointed out how appropriate you both looked as the teenagers you are — “normal” is what a few have said…”
Sasha and Malia need to listen to Patti, NOT to rubbish people who love to belittle and attack others, to make themselves feel superior, which they are far from.  Having known Patti’s father President Reagan, and spending time with him, he would be appalled by this new GOP that is so low now, so classless that he’d never agree to any of the nasty terms and words used against this First Family.  Politics has always been nasty, but without the Gipper, the GOP no longer has any friendly face, no sincerity anymore.  Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George Herbert Walker Bush were all Statesmen, the new face of the GOP is now that of a Southern-based hate group. And we don’t have to point out which one it is.
To read the entire letter wonderful Patti wrote to our First Daughters, head over to her website here! 
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: File; The White House; Facebook
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