HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Doing Season 5 Mixtape With Popular Band Anthrax, All Men Must Die, Highlight Hollywood News

Anthrax - 2011

Game of Thrones is preparing another awesome mix tape, HBO confirmed.    The HBO hit is wrangling an assortment of metal, rap and hip-hop bands to perform songs inspired by the series. The first rumors of the mixtape came about a week ago when the band Killswitch Engage said they were doing a song for the project via Instagram. Now Anthrax’s guitarist Scott Ian has tweeted the above recording photo, with the project’s #CatchTheThrone hashtag, we hear the mixtape is indeed coming.



“All of you out there who watch Game of Thrones, much like me, probably think it’s a very metal TV show,” Ian told Metal Hammer. “And just know: the reason for that is that one of the creators [Dan Weiss] is a huge metalhead.”

In that same interview above, by the way, Ian said Anthrax plans to record the drums for its new album on the Game of Thrones set in the show’s Throne Room in Belfast. But we hear that’s not happening (you really think Queen Regent Cersei would allow such an intrusion?).

 Anthrax - 2011
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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