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Bruce And Kris Jenner Finalized Their Divorce And Settlement, Highlight Hollywood News

Court records show Kris and Bruce Jenner have finalized their divorce, but they won’t be officially single until March.   A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday signed off on the couple’s divorce judgment

‘General Hospital’ Synopses (February 2-6, 2015), Port Charles Is Rocked! Highlight Hollywood News

Between Helena, Fluke, Jake and Sonny, Port Charles is not a safe place to be.  Add Nina, and you’ve got a nut factory. And what about Franco’s mother? Monday, February 2 Julian

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Synopses, (February 2-6, 2015), Brady’s In Love, Sonny Is Attacked, Highlight Hollywood News

Coming up next week, Salem is a hot place to begin the February Sweeps period.  Sonny finds himself in danger, and Brady and Melanie make love.  Monday, February 2 Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove)

‘The Young And The Restless’ Synopses, (February 2-6, 2015) Jess Walton Is On Fire, Highlight Hollywood News

On CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” next week. Monday, February 2 Avery (Jessica Collins) argues that Phyllis (Gina Tognini) is mentally incompetent, but Christine (Lauralee Bell) wants to prosecute her to

Famed Hollywood Film Reviewer Barry Rubin Joins First Lady Michelle Obama In PRAISE For ‘American Sniper’, Highlight Hollywood News

“American Sniper” is, as most people know, the story of Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL whose feats in his four tours of duty in the middle east served as the basis for

#SaveDallas Still Catching Attention On Social Media, Highlight Hollywood News

There are thousands of “Dallas” fans still using the #SaveDallas hashtag on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram.  Fans of the hit series revolving around The Ewing family remain active on social

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’, Should Ridge Choose Caroline Or Brooke? Sound Off, Let Us Know On Social Media, Highlight Hollywood News

We desperately want to hear from you. Highlight Hollywood editors and staff have been hearing your voices on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and you have said you love Caroline Spencer Forrester.

Aliens Return! ‘Drive To Xeon’ By Ann-Dee, An Album Released By Star In January, Highlight Hollywood News

“Drive To Xeon,” is Ann-dee’s latest album, following her successful instrumental album, “Metro Jungle,” which was released in August of last year. The album consists of 11 explosive tracks, all with a

#LongLiveLongmire, Netflix Aired ‘Unfinished Business’ #LongmireS1E10, Highlight Hollywood News

Before we celebrate the joy and excitement of tonight’s “Longmire” episode, let’s all send love and prayers of support to our Longmire Posse Chief Pamela, who lost her wonderful father on Friday

‘Y&R’ Fans Say “Hell No” To A Drucilla Recast, Victoria Rowell Is Talented, Beautiful, Fierce, Look No Further, Highlight Hollywood News

Fans of “The Young and the Restless” have been stunned over the past few years by recasts, firings and hirings, that made no sense.  However, the latest rumor that says Victoria Rowell’s