Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Roseanne Barr Says Everyone In Hollywood Knew About Bill Cosby, And Explains Why His Fans Are Just Finding Out, Highlight Hollywood News

Roseanne Barr normally says little that I agree with, but in this, I agree wholeheartedly, as it’s all true.  Firstly, everyone in the industry knew these things about Bill Cosby, and secondly, no one cared until a man spoke out! Americans like the Islamic fundamentalists, do not like women. In fact, most women hate other women, and it is proved by the level of women defending Bill Cosby, who don’t know him, he’d never even speak to or acknowledge, but they have this desire to support and protect a man who wouldn’t give them the time of day, and to slut-shame the alleged victims. That’s how women treat other women, and sadly always will.  Comedienne Roseanne Barr is speaking out about the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby.In an interview with Access Hollywood, Barr said that she was unsurprised by the allegations and that it took a man – comic Hannibal Buress – to reignite the issue for the media to cover the stories of sexual assault.”You know, like every woman in Hollywood, there’s hardly any hairdressers or waitresses or working women who don’t know somebody. We’ve all heard it for a long time and it surprises nobody. We all know women who know somebody, if they didn’t go through it themselves with Bill Cosby,” Barr said.When asked why nobody has spoken up until now, Barr said that “nobody gives a damn ’til a man says it,” referring to Buress.Barr and Cosby both had hit sitcoms in the 1980s that were produced by the same production company. Barr added that she has hope that Cosby will “make it right,” though he continues to dispute the claims.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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