University Of Virginia Campus Has Possible Case Of Mumps, Another Anti-Vaccine Choice Sends Shockwaves Around The Nation, Highlight Hollywood News

Our founding fathers believed healthy skepticism of government was a  good thing.  However, their grandparents had been victims of King Henry VIII or his vicious  daughter Queen Mary, AKA: Bloody Mary.  The fact that paranoia and group-think has engulfed our nation via Facebook and Twitter groups, people all choosing to not vaccinate their kids, placing the rest of us in danger of dying from Third World Nation diseases that were long over in North America, is appalling.  Just today, a New York City student on a train at the nation’s busiest train station was diagnosed with Measles, and anyone who was in contact with the AREA he was in, even after he’d left, are all possibly infected.

The anti-vaccine anarchists on the left are as maddening as the right wing bigots, who hate government and live in these stupid conspiracy theories, that the GOP benefits from, but the rest of us in the nation may end up dying from.  Not vaccinating your child is your choice as an American, your selfish choice.  Anyone can have a bad reaction to vaccines. I have bad reactions to Tylenol,  and sometimes to tomatoes, but don’t think they should be removed from public use.
The University of Virginia has issued an alert to students following a confirmed case of mumps on the campus, CBS Charlottesville affiliate WCAV-TV reports.

Officials said Friday there were four other suspected cases of the virus, but they’re awaiting final test results for confirmation.



Mumps can cause fever, headache, muscle aches and make the glands close to the jaw to swell and become tender.


Mumps are covered under the Measles vaccination.   Good luck to those at Mr. Jefferson’s Campus.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: UVA
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