Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Astronaut In Space Sends (PHOTO) Tribute To The Late Leonard Nimoy, Valcun Salute, Highlight Hollywood News

An astronaut  who is beloved himself sent a tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy, all the way  from space.  Terry W. Virts, currently on board the International Space Station, posted a photo to Twitter on Saturday of himself giving the Vulcan hand salute in honor of the Star Trek actor, who died Friday after a battle with lung disease.

Tributes have been made from all of Nimoy’s former Star Trek co-stars  including William Shatner and George Takei.
Meanwhile President Obama issued a statement memorializing Nimoy,  saying: “I loved Spock.”
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP; Twitter
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