Fri. May 29th, 2020

‘Hawaii Five-O’ Directed Friday Night By Acclaimed Actor Daniel Dae Kim, What An Exceptional Episode, Highlight Hollywood News

From the moment Daniel Dae Kim burst on the screen as a star on ABC’s “Lost,” he’s been on a roll.  The handsome actor, who is talented enough to become Hollywood’s biggest movie star is now dabbling behind-the-camera.  In Friday night’s episode of “Hawaii Five-O,” titled “Stakeout” had a new feel to it. There was more humor and when drama was needed, the actors seem to be very comfortable.  Clark Gable once said and actor is more comfortable with another actor on set directing him or her, rather than a dictator with an agenda behind the camera.  The thing that Kim was able to accomplish was to keep the continuity of “Five-O” going strong, moving it forward, but it felt like it was at ease.  The counseling session in the opening was so humorous, but then Daniel Dae Kim went right into action, no pun intended.
The pulse-pounding energy this show builds to within the first fifteen minutes was actually much more smoothly done this week.  The transition didn’t feel like a jolt, it felt like smooth start of a purring engine.  Daniel obviously took his time and learned the craft of directing, but he did more than that, he proved to millions of fans and viewers of the hit CBS Friday night action drama, that he’s a contender.When “Five-O” is considering Emmy reels, this episode should be the first on their list of must-see.  Daniel Dae Kim proved to us that he’s a hell of a lot more than just a handsome face.  The man is a thinker, and anyone lucky enough to be directed by this man will find themselves being guided by the best.
Kim hits the big screen in next month’s “Insurgent,” and dare I suggest, an Oscar-worthy performance.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: APA
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