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The 25 Best Galleries In America For 2015 – Exclusive Reveal Starting Monday, Highlight Hollywood News

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Highlight Hollywood will dedicate 25 in-depth feature articles in March to the nation’s most impressive galleries, as selected by the American Art Awards Advisory Board, and president of Thom Bierdz, an acclaimed portrait artist and globally known for playing Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless.
Bierdz explains the gallery-picking process. “Most of these astounding galleries already have the reputation of being the best in their states, ” Bierdz shares, “So it is not that difficult to follow-up and examine their web sites, locations, gallery exterior and interiors, genres of art they represent, decades of history, attention to regional art and get collector reviews and artist reviews. This year we have selected some galleries in business over 50 years, and some so expansive they have 20,000 square foot exhibition displays. Each one is phenomenal.AAA2015GA1A AAA2015GA1B AAA2015GA1X AAA2015GA2 AAA2015GA3 AAA2015GA3a (2)
“We at American Art Awards choose galleries that stand apart, are unique, have determined spirit – and excel in their specialities. We have cutting-edge contemporary galleries offering super-realism by new artists, galleries dealing in more recognizable master works, historic galleries which seem like time capsules of classic impressionism, galleries offering top Northwestern sculptures, top Southwestern paintings, top Mid-Western art, important art, pop art, abstract art, relics and antiquities.”
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It is Highlight Hollywood’s pleasure to shortly bring these honored galleries to our readers’ attention by doing daily features on them throughout March.
Can you guess these galleries using the images as clues?
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AAA
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