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Evalyn Dunn Gallery Named Best Gallery In New Jersey 2015, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

The American Art Awards, with a mission to introduce the best American galleries to unknown artists worldwide, annually selects 25 Best In State  galleries. President of AAA, Thom Bierdz, shared with me why AAA has selected Evalyn Dunn Gallery over other New Jersey galleries.

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“It is very rare to find a gallery so successful it is approaching it’s 60th year. Evalyn Dunn Gallery was founded in 1958 as a local venue for the exhibition, framing and preservation of art, and now also features the finest 20th Century American and European art.
“Evalyn Dunn represents art and works of acclaimed artists from all countries, including Alvar of Spain, Graciela Rodo Boulanger of Bolivia, Ron Hedrick of Canada and American artists such as Michele Byrne, Jon Friedman and Mary Johnston.
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“The scope of images and artists represented is astonishing.  Other artists include Stephanie Amato, Antonelle, Apple, Daniel Azoulay, Beatty,  Natalia Bessonova, Jeremy Bortz, William Bunting, Giovanna Calzolari, C.M. Cooper, Carrera, Adolpho Colque, Cook, Cora, Cybele, Datian, Dawley, Degas, Elsa  Cassinone, Fairchild-Woodard, Kate Faust, Sharon Forthofer, Gantner, William Gramley, Karla Gudeon, Ilan Harel, Tiffany Hastie, Jessica Hedrick, Hulsey, Impiglia, Jaramillo, Judaica, Kochberg, Lee, Llantoy, Jesse  Mangerson, Tim McFadden, Mendoza, D’Anchise Mercurio, Miro, K. Madison Moore, Natale, Park, Pei Yang, Peter Max, Pino, Pruna Milanes Pv Giancarlos, Alicia Quaini, John Reilly, Renoir, Lorraine Robertson, Ricardo Roig, Royo, Salzman, Dario Scholis, Jane Seymour, Shvaiko, Sissman, Ilene Smith, Murray  Smith, Marjorie Taylor, John Triarsi, Faye Vander Veer, Rosalia Verdun, (Vidan)  Dangelico Vittorio, Jessica Wasilewski and Whistler.

“When Evalyn Dunn first opened her art gallery in 1958, people marveled at her ability to hold a full time job, run an art gallery and raise a family. But  with her supportive husband, Benjamin, and two young daughters at her side, Evalyn Dunn Gallery prospered. Her daughters, Amy and Jaclyn, were fixtures at the gallery throughout the summers, after school and on the weekends, and in 1990, Jaclyn became the second generation to join management of the family business. Benjamin passed way in 1993 and Evalyn in 2005, but daughter Jaclyn  Civins continues the passion to manage this giant art conglomerate which is an impressive destination for art collectors, art aficionado and retail consumers craving and appreciating history, fantasy, beauty and significance of art in its  multitude of fortes.”

Bierdz continues, “We at the American Art Awards recognize the 25 Best American Galleries each year and we are proud to name Evalyn Dunn Gallery one of the 25 Best Galleries In America for 2015, and the Best Gallery In New Jersey,  2015.”
Evalyn Dunn Gallery has expanded via different locations in Union County,  NJ and in 2000 opened its doors at its current location.
Evalyn Dunn Gallery, 549 South Avenue West, Westfield, NJ  07090
Mon – Sat 10-5, Sun & Evenings by appointment. (908)  232­-0412
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett