Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art Named Best Gallery In Arizona For 2015, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

The American Art Awards selects the top 25 American galleries each March. President of is Thom Bierdz, a fine artist and actor known to millions as Phillip Chancellor III on The Young & The Restless. AAA2015AZ11 Exposures_Gallery_Tobey_Guiding_1000p AAA2015AZ11Exposures_Gallery_Worrell_Vision_1000p AAA2015AZ12Exposures_Gallery_Adams_Saigon_1000p
Bierdz reveals, “American Art Awards studies thousands of galleries each year and we are excited to name Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art the Best Gallery In Arizona, 2015.”

Bierdz explains, “Take a look at this video. Exposures International is not only Sedona’s largest gallery, it is Arizona’s largest gallery, and in addition the largest gallery in the Southwest! More than 100 artists are showcased in over 20,000 square feet of extraordinary display. This expansive gallery features some of the finest contemporary and Southwestern art in the world. Located at the heart of Sedona’s Gallery Row, on State Route 179, visitors are greeted with a large, open and dynamic space — and awed with magnificent colors and visual textures. But this giant success was not orchestrated by a corporation, it began as a labor of love for the arts, a ‘mom and pop’ business – whose success has been 18 years in the making by Marty & Diane Herman.”
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Decades ago, Marty Herman was named a Top 100 Executive by the Los Angeles Times, and his wife Diane Herman had already accumulated years of experience in performing and visual arts. Together their efforts, combined with positive energy and enthusiasm for life, led to Exposures International’s launch onto the Southwest art scene.
“When we first opened in the mid 1990’s,” Diane explains,  “we wanted to bring a gallery of a different kind to Sedona and the world, surrounded with fun, enthusiasm, professionalism and good old-fashioned traditional values, incorporated with a contemporary glamour. We were looking for artists with the talent and integrity to make this dream a reality.”
Marty adds, “We built the gallery on a foundation of honesty, integrity, hard work and love. Diane and I  share a passion for the arts, and the gallery was our opportunity to create a venue showcasing art that would affect the world in a really positive way. A ‘labor of love’ is the expression people use when their passion becomes their life’s work. We genuinely care about our artists, our staff and our wonderful clients who always inspire us to do our very best.”
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To the Herman’s, Exposures International is filled with wonderful experiences, good memories and on-going discoveries. At the heart of their gallery, they hold onto the belief that the arts are an essential part of every person’s life. “As we dedicated our efforts to promoting established and emerging artists alike, more and more people began to discover the integrity of our gallery. We expanded twice and doubled our floor space, and still we did not have enough room!”
In addition to international collectors, world-renowned artists are also gravitating to the enormous gallery. As Exposures International gains unprecedented esteem, endless artists seek to be a part of this evolution.
Marty explains, “We receive over 2,000 artist submissions each year, and we narrow the selection yearly to only two or three artists for inclusion in the gallery’s ever-expanding collection. We feel we have some of the most extraordinary and talented artists in the world.”
It’s not only the artists and clients whom the Herman’s adore, they also speak highly of their staff: “As we have matured as a business and a gallery so has our wonderful staff  with their unending enthusiasm and respect for the arts, we honor them with our appreciation and gratitude.”
Upcoming shows at Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art
May 2015 – The Local Artists’ Show
October 2015 – 19th Annual Fall Artist Shows
February 2016 – Annual Valentine’s Artist Show
Visit the gallery site for show dates and details:
Exposures International
561 HWY 179
Sedona, AZ 86336
Toll Free:
1-877-ART-SITE (278-7483)
International/Local: 928-282-1125
Hours of Operation:
7 days a week
10:00am – 5:30pm (*Sedona, Arizona Time)
We are closed on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year’s Day.
A grateful Diane Herman adds a last sentiment, “The nicest part of working at Exposures is when locals stop by from time to time with greetings and well wishes, and sometimes with their friends and visitors.  We want to thank everyone in Sedona and from around the world for stopping in with their support, friendship and best of all, their love.” AAA2015AZ9Exposures_Gallery_Obrzut_Greeting_1000p