‘Game Of Thrones’ Recasts Rattleshirt, Lord Of Bones With Handsome Welsh Actor Ross O’Hennessy, Winter Is Coming, Highlight Hollywood News


Great detective work by our friends at WoTW, who reported on Wednesday that there’s a new Lord of Bones coming to “Game of Thrones” this season.   According to the report Ross O’Hennessy will be taking over the role previously held by Edward Dogliani in seasons 2 and 3. It also appears that Rattleshirt is only slated for one to two episodes, so his future is looking none too bright, for the nonce.


We can assure you, that his appearance at Hardhome will be EPIC!  There has never been a battle like this scene coming North of The Wall, which will overtake last year’s penultimate episode (“The Watchers on The Wall,”) and viewers can expect shock, horror and heartbreak.



We’ve all seen the trailer, in which Rattleshirt is leading a wildling army toward Hardhome.





Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: HBO; Ross O’Hennessy
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