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Stanford Fine Art Named Best Gallery In Tennessee, 2015, Highlight Hollywood EXCLUSIVE News

It is American Art Awards season and Highlight Hollywood continues to reveal in individual features the 25 Best Galleries In The Nation. “We are  selecting Stanford Fine Art as Best Gallery In Tennessee this year,” says Thom Bierdz, who presides over


Bierdz explains, “If we at AAA are blown away by a gallery history and their art, we continue to consider their other attributes, like reputation, prestige and inventory. After dealing privately in New York and a stint at Sotheby’s, Stanford Mabry founded the Nashville, Tennessee gallery in 1987 and has since established Stanford Fine Art as the premier purveyor of historical, Impressionistic and regional art in the Southeast. For over 25 years Stanford Fine Art has been Nashville’s premier art gallery, specializing in American and European paintings, sculpture and works on paper from the 19th century to the present. They maintain a diverse and varied inventory of carefully selected works, combining exemplary aesthetic standards, museum quality presentation and affordability.

“We at American Art Awards are proud to name Stanford Fine Art the  Best Gallery In Tennessee and one of our 25 Best galleries In The Nation, 2015.”

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Stanford Fine Art focuses on investment quality American and European paintings, sculpture and works on paper from the 19th century to the present. Most of the inventory is owned by the gallery and they stand behind anything represented at the gallery as being exceptional or of a particular merit.

Stanford strives to create a vibrant gallery atmosphere of carefully edited and selected works in which to comfortably make informed acquisitions of art. Citing the strength of the gallery as its client relationships, they find paintings for both individual collections and Museum Collections throughout the US.

Works formerly in the collection of Stanford Fine Art have been acquired by the Musée Américain, Giverny and the Tennessee State Museum. Paintings in the collection or acquired from the gallery have been included in major museum exhibitions at The National Gallery, London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Huntsville Museum of Art, Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art, and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.


LOCATION: Stanford Fine Art / 6608 A Highway 100 / Nashville, TN / 37205 / (615) 352 5050 / Monday through Saturday 9:00am-5:30pm, and by appointment.


Adriani, Camillo

Albert, Ernest

Alke, Elizabeth Heil

Anfosso, Pierre

Baro, Albert

Becker, Garrett

Bentley, John

Berezov, Maurice

Bisttram, Emil James

Biva, Henri

Black, Olive Parker

Bonnar, James King

Brackett, Sidney Lawrence

Brandien, Carl W.

Brioux, Henri Lionel

Buthaud, Rene

Cameron, Edgar Spier

Carleton, Anne

Chapin, Bryant

Chapman, Carleton Theodore

Charlemont, Hugo

Chiriacka, Ernest

Closson, William Baxter Palmer

Cochran, Allen Dean

Connard, Charlotte E.

Cooper, Emma Lampert

Cooper, Jane

Corey, Bernard

Couder, Gustave Émile

de Bievre, Marie

Dubronravov, Mikhail Nikolaevich

Edmondson, William

Emerson, Charles Chase

Enneking, Joseph Eliot

Everett, Herbert

Farquharson, Joseph

Frequenez, Paul Leon

Frolov, Mikhail Fedorovich

Glendening, Alfred Augustus

Grant, Frederic

Green, Frank Russell

Gruppé, Emile Albert

Guilbert, Paul Louis

Hankey, William Lee

Hankins, Cornelius

Hart, William M.

Haumont, Emile Richard

Holsbeeck, Albert van

Holt, Percy William

Horton, William Samuel

Howe, William Henry

Hunter, Lizbeth Clifton

Jennings, Arthur

Jonk, Nic

Judson, Charles Chapel

Khoduk, Alexander Petrovich

Koeniger, Walter

Konrad, Adolf Ferdinand

Lachman, Harry

LeRoy, Jules Gustave

Litzinger, Dorothea

Locher, Carl Ludwig Thilson

Lorieux, Albert

Luce, Maximilien

Makielski, Leon

Marchand, André

Mascart, Gustave

Mason, Maud Mary

Mercié, Fernand Antonin

Molteninov, Konstantin Georgievich

Moseley, Richard

Munroe, Albert

Neal, Charles

Nichols, Hobart

Owen, Robert Emmett

Parada y Santin, Jose

Parshall, Douglas Ewell

Parton, Ernest

Patterson, Howard Ashman

Pavlosky, Vladimir

Pearson, Marguerite Stuber

Perkins, Philip

Perron, Charles Clement Francis

Peters, Carl William

Raab, Ada Dennett Watson

Reinicke, René

Slade, Caleb Arnold

Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam

Topping, James

Traver, Marion Gray

Van Leemputten, Cornelis

Vardon, T.

Von Pausinger, Helene

Weiss, Jose

Wing, George Franklin

Wright, Emma R.

Wyllie, W. L.

Wyman, George

Zic, Zivko


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