‘The Waking Dead’ Finale Draws Nearly 16 Million Viewers, And A Storm Of Wolves Coming, Highlight Hollywood News


TV’s highest rated series nabbed a finale best 15.8 million viewers and 10.4 million adults 18-49 on Sunday night. Those are still powerhouse numbers, even if they come shy of the series highs set with the fifth season’s opener.




Once time-shifting is taken into account, The Walking Dead finale will likely exceed more than 20 million viewers and 14 million adults 18-49.


There was one record set on Sunday night. The Talking Dead brought in its best episode to date, pulling 7.5 million viewers — 4.9 million of them adults 18-49.


Andrew Lincoln says that Rick finally gets it, and he is desperate for the others to get it as well.  “Shane called it, too, in the second season. He said, “You aren’t fit to lead these people. You can’t lead the way you are now. You can’t keep them alive.” I certainly thought of that. [Rick] has had to turn into that man, or at least have part of that man in him. I wanted to physically walk like him a little bit as well. I was thinking about Jon all season, certainly toward the end of it,” the star said.


And trouble is coming.  Much worse than what Woodbury could offer, “They seem like incredibly bad people. In one sense, I’m pleased that Deanna made a movement toward my worldview, because I have a terrible feeling that a storm is coming our way,” Andy concluded.
The Wolves are coming!



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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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