‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘Hardhome,’ 20-Minutes Of Action Never Seen Before On TV, Winter is Here, Highlight Hollywood News



In tonight’s episode of “Game of Thrones” on HBO, Lord Commander Jon Snow and Wildling tough guy Tormund run into a great deal of trouble after they reach the outpost of Hardhome, which is far North of The Wall,  and what transpires is awe-inspiring scenes that have never been done before for television.
It will be the most special effects intensive—that viewers have ever seen before on TV. The scenes took nearly a month of shooting for a roughly 20 minute sequence, which  has never been done before for a TV series.
South of The Wall, way South, in King’s Landing, Cersei’s torture begins, and in Meereen, viewers will be treated to a scene we’ve waited five years to see. Tyrion finally is in the same room with Daenerys, and in Meereen it’s going to be scary as well next week in “The Dance With Dragons.”