Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘Hardhome, INSIDE THE EPISODE (VIDEO), Night’s King Unstoppable, Theon Confesses To Sansa, Highlight Hollywood News

David and Dan explain “Hardhome” in INSIDE THE EPISODE, for “Game of Thrones” most shocking and thrilling episode ever.   In this interview, we learn what intricacies of each of the major stories on Sunday night.  From Winterfell to Meereen and Hardhome, which is North of The Wall, everyone from each actor to the director and producers delivered big time.  Watch the  short video and you’ll see why.
Sansa is shocked when she learns that her younger brothers Bran and Rickon are not dead. Theon confesses to her, “I did not kill them.”  Sansa will now triumph over her marriage to the psychotic husband Ramsay Snow.
Tyrion and Daenerys have the best scene in the show’s five seasons, when at long last they meet up, and Tyrion and Dany plot the make Westeros a better place.  Unfortunately they are unaware of the White Walkers plans, and Winter finally arriving.  Didn’t you love “I am going to Break The Wheel” speech from the Dragon Queen?
Hardhome was absolutely enthralling. Nothing on TV ever has come close as the scenes we saw as the White Walkers and Wights (Army of the Dead) attacking the people of Hardhome. And the moment the White Walker realized that Jon’s sword is Valyrian steel was incredible. White Walkers ice swords are unstoppable, but Jon stopped one, and killed it.  But there are only a few swords made of Valyrian steel in the world. Jon is ROCKED!  Sadly the Night’s King was up on the mountaintop watching and now Jon is in his future sights!