Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: (VIDEO), ‘Hardhome,’ Night’s King Returns, Jon Faces Battle Of His Life, Winter Is Here! Highlight Hollywood News

The Night’s King has returned!  And he’s more dangerous and lethal than ever!  Jon learns his sword, one of the rare ones in the world made of Valyrian steel is a weapon against White Walkers, but for how long? The hordes of Army of Dead Men (known as Wights) came pouring off the mountaintop at the orders of the White Walkers, who chillingly looked down on a devastated Hardhome!  But let’s talk about what happen in tonight’s episode, absolutely by far the best episode of “Game of Thrones” in the entire show’s history, if not the best episode of any TV show in the history of television.  It bears repeating and reminding, Winter is Here!  One reader said on our Facebook page, “Okay Tommy! You’ve been warning us for close to five years now that Winter is Coming! Now I know why everyone is so afraid of winter, and those White Walker!”

Since his first appearance in last season’s episode, “Oathkeeper”, fans have been abuzz about the appearance of the Night’s King, the leader of the White Walkers and a character who has been heavily hinted at, but so far unseen, in George R.R. Martin’s novels. This Sunday, the Night’s King, obviously the King of the White Walkers returned, leading a host of undead Wights and White Walkers upon the wildling holdfast of Hardhome.  The tens of thousands who were killed by the Wights and White Walkers had a very devastating fate.  That coming up.



Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju), and Dolorous Edd (Ben Crompton) battled against the Night King’s forces, along with a group of Brothers of the Night’s Watch and wildlings, after an attempted recruitment of the harboring wildlings at Hardhome to return to Castle Black and renounce the ancient feuds between the Night’s Watch and their slightly more savage neighbors to the North.



In an epic, 20 minute battle sequence, usually reserved for the penultimate episode of the season, which HBO carefully had us in the media tease but not give it away,  Jon Snow managed to slay a White Walker in single combat, with the use of his Valyrian steel blade, Longclaw, which Lord Commander Mormont gave him as a gift.   Jon-Hardhome-battle game-thrones-hardhome



Also making his debut is the giant Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun, who book readers will recognize from his appearance in A Dance With Dragons. The battle at Hardhome was only one of the major events shaking things up in Westeros  and Essos.



The long awaited first scene, which fans have prayed for in the five seasons, the Tyrion and Dragon Queen meeting was well worth waiting five years to finally see.  Is Peter Dinklage one of TV’s best actors or what? He makes Tyrion so charming, he disarms the viewers with his wit and charm.  Following last week’s shocking meeting, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) manages to score himself a role as Dany’s (Emilia Clarke) advisor.“I thought you were worth meeting at the very least,” Tyrion explained to the queen when asked about his arrival in Mereen.


Sadly, and unfortunately for Jorah (Iaian Glen), Dany was not in a forgiving mood and was forced to tearfully exile her once-most-trusted advisor yet again. But she wasn’t done showing off her tough resolve as she told Tyrion of her plans to reclaim her birthright on the Iron Throne. “I am not going to fix the wheel,” she told a lecturing Tyrion. “I am going to break the wheel.”



Meanwhile in King’s Landing, someone is getting just what she deserves. After years of bullying everyone, Queen Cersei finds herself imprisoned by the religious zealots she stupidly empowered to destroy her enemies. Well, “tart,” the worm has turned.    Cersei (Lena Headey) is still under the imprisonment of the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce) and his radically religious followers, the Faith Militant. Not easily broken, Cersei was defiant as ever in the face of her captors. “I will not kneel before some barefooted commoner and beg my forgiveness,” she told a visiting Qyburn (Anton Lesser) after he advised her to confess.  What is it with these Queens? I’d have long ago confessed, well, maybe not long ago, if I had committed the scenes of Cersei Lannister.



And at long last, Lord Kevan Lannister is the new Hand of the King. Last seen chastising Cersei before leaving for Casterly Rock, Ser Kevan Lannister (Ian Gelder), uncle to Cersei and brother to the deceased Lord Tywin (Charles Dance), has apparently returned to King’s Landing and taken up the role of Hand of the King, now that both queens are imprisoned. Qyburn relates the news to Cersei while she sits in her cell.



Young Stark heir Lady Arya gets a new name from the Faceless Men.   Continuing her training to become a Faceless Man, Arya (Maisie Williams) has taken on a new identity, Lana the Oyster Girl. This is a slightly different version of Arya’s Cat of the Canals that book readers may have expected to see, but Lana is still pushing her oyster cart and stalking her prey under the instruction of the House of Black and White’s lead assassin, Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha). Jaqen trusting Arya (or Lana, rather) with the assignment of poisoning the corrupt Thin Man is a big step in her journey to becoming a Faceless Man. Hardhome-Giant

But the most shocking moment came at the finale, after the Battle at Hardhome, when Jon, Tormund and the men and women and children that were lucky enough to survive were able to get in boats headed to the ships Stannis loaned Jon.  The giant wading in the water after fighting off a horde of Wights, we hear the footsteps walking on the pier, it’s snowing like hell, and we see him. The Night’s King, who stares Jon down from afar, he calmly, without uttering a word, lifted his arms up and stared at Jon, who in his horror saw tens of thousands of Wildlings the White Walkers and Whites had just killed, raised up to become more men and in the Army of the Dead.
If the Great Wall, 800-feet tall, 500-miles long does not hold back the Night’s King and the White Walkers and the Wights (Army of the Dead), and the Dragon Queen is still thousands of miles away across the Narrow Sea with her Dragons.  Will anyone in Westeros survive Winter?  See the ending of tonight’s most SHOCKING episode ever in TV history HERE!