‘Outlander’s’ Finale Was Intense, But A Ray Of Hope Begins Headed Into New Season, Showrunner Speaks, Highlight Hollywood News


The first season of the Starz series based on the best selling historical novels of Diana Gabaldon ended with a bloody and intense finale episode tonight.  And there’s no doubt  it pulled in the ratings on Saturday night, which we’ll know more on Monday.  The most bawdy move by Claire and her friends saved Jamie from further torture, and the beautiful Scottish Highland cattle were able to mask what needed to be done at Wentworth Prison.  And it’s the end for Black Jack least, played brilliantly.


With the now number #2 most subscribed premium cabler pinning some of their Emmy hopes on Sam Heughan’s performance as Jamie and Caitriona Balf’s portrayal of the time traveling Claire Beauchamp Randall, the Ronald D. Moore led series went to a some very dark place within the walls of the prison the past couple of episodes.   But love between Claire and Jamie seems to be winning out.



Outlander warned viewers of graphic and brutal sex scenes, and they were.  But it had to be done to tell the story.  the showrunner spoke with Deadline, and said of the finale’s controversial scenes, “I always knew that our finale was going to be controversial. It was a brutal chapter of the book so we felt obligated to convey that part of the story, and it’s absolutely a brutal, chilling, part of the tale. It’s dealing with, really, tricky subject matter, it’s very graphic and it’s difficult stuff. And we approached it in that light. Now it’s airing when people are already talking about a rape on another show, and having a big cultural conversation about it. It’ll be interesting to see how people react.”


When asked about the changes in the show from the books, with Jamie and Claire headed to France and Claire is now pregnant, the showrunner said, “I restructured it for television because I wanted to maintain that sense of jeopardy and that sense of they still have to escape, and there’s still a threat there. Also, in this episode, and in Episode 15 we had been using a point of view to see what had had happened to Jamie in real time, whereas the books maintain Claire’s first person narrative all the way until the very end and what she found out about what happened between Jamie and Jack Randall many weeks after the facts from Jamie. So I felt like I wanted to move all that up closer so it was a little bit more immediate. And it gave me a way to end the episode so, after you had spent all this time in this really dark and terrible prison cell for two episodes, you could have a breath of fresh air. At the very end, I wanted viewers to feel this is another tomorrow, there is a little bit of hope in the air and we could end on that note.”


Already three weeks into the making of the next season,  should fans expect more changes from the books?  ” There will be twists and turns that aren’t in the book. The second book is more complex than the first book is. It’s a little tougher challenge to adapt it. It takes place in France and it deals with the Jacobite Rebellion. It’s much more political, it weaves in and out of actual historical events. There’s more complexity, just in terms of how Diana structured the story in Paris, in particular, as Jamie and Claire try to change history.”


Outlander is a Starz Channel production.




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