Bill Maher Blasts Bill Cosby, ‘Everyone In The Industry Has Always Known,’ Highlight Hollywood News

Monologue: Bill Maher
After years of being such an icon to everyone on the left and the right, what everyone in this industry has known for decades, Bill Maher confirmed on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” on HBO Friday night that he knew decades ago about the allegations surrounding Bill Coby, believes the women, and even worked with one woman who hasn’t come forward, but she told him over 30 years ago what he allegedly did to her.  I also know alleged victims who refuse to come forward because they face ridicule and attacks by his fans, who don’t even know him, and who want and somehow need to believe Cosby is not guilty. But, when he had an opportunity on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” he never once uttered the words, “not guilty of this, it’s lies,” etc… he simply stuttered, “I can’t!”
Here’s the frank discussion on Maher’s show Friday night of two men who have like Bill Maher said it many times publicly that they believe the women.  If not all, definitely most of them.  Remember, 80 percent of victims of rape do not ever go to the authorities.
“This guy has put more women to sleep than warm milk,” Bill Maher says.
Bill Maher and Janet Mock – Author, Redefining Realness, Host, MSNBC’s “So Popular!” Contributing Editor, Marie Claire.