EXCLUSIVE, Winsor Harmon Returns To ‘The Bold And The Beautiful,’ Thorne’s Return Will Bring Drama To Forrester Creations, Highlight Hollywood News

Highlight Hollywood has confirmed that actor Winsor Harmon will return to “The Bold and the Beautiful” this week to begin filming Thorne’s return.  With Forrester Creations going through a tumultuous time following Bill Spencer’s reveal for Maya and Rick, it seems that Ridge and Steffy’s plans may have just gotten more complicated.  Stephanie and Eric’s son Thorne has a stake in Forrester and the family is in turmoil, so if Queen Stephanie is not here to kick butt and get this family and their business back on track, her handsome son Thorne just may be the one to do it.
“B&B” is being very tight-lipped with the reasons surrounding Thorne’s return, but a rep for the show did confirm the actor’s return, and Highlight Hollywood spoke with Winsor on Tuesday, and he’s very excited, as millions of fans will be as well.
“I am beyond ecstatic to be back home with my ‘B&B’ family,” said Winsor.  “Things are about to get real so stay tuned Thorne is in the Forrester House!!”   In April Highlight Hollywood asked our readers and fans of the show, which “B&B” characters they’d like to see more of, and by a huge majority, over 90 percent of our respondents said, Winsor as Thorne.

“B&B” Fan Fave Winsor Harmon Begins Filming Scenes Later This Week

The filmmaker and actor has been very busy, but so has Thorne.  He arrives home from Paris, where he’s been running things at Forrester International, only to return to a family and a business in disarray.  Viewers have been saying for months that Thorne needs to come and get Rick and Maya straight, and they just may get their wish.
Although details are scarce, three-time Emmy Award-winning showrunner Brad Bell and the most creative and talented writing team in all of television are busy working on some scripts that will entertain and yes, even shock.   Harmon’s first airdate will be Wednesday, July 22. 

Episode # 6852

Ally won’t be the only person who has a smile on her face, millions of “B&B” fans welcome the handsome leading man’s return to B&B; By Sean Smith JPI Studios

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.  “B&B” is the most watched Daytime Drama in the world.  “B&B” vies for the tenth consecutive worldwide ratings prize this month at the 55TH Monte Carlo TV Festival.  Thorne’s return is welcomed, fans have missed the character and his handsome and very talented portrayer.  Stay tuned!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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