Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

“MORE-ON” TRUMP, By Bernie Shine, Highlight Hollywood News

I’m not sure I spelled that headline correctly, but the pronunciation is accurate.  There is an old expression, “If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?”     The question for Trump is “If you’re so rich, why ain’t you smart?

    In his announcement that he was running for President, the self-exalted Trump made a racially charged verbal tirade against Mexicans, claiming “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” (Keep in mind, he wasn’t speaking of Congress.)
    Wow! Now I know the origin of the phrase Trumped-up charges!
Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester
    Ironically, Trump now finds himself on top of the list of “people that have a lot of problems.” There is a well-deserved backlash, a Dump the Trump movement. Univision has dropped their relationship with him and his tired beauty contest. Trump plans to sue. NBC has also broken ties with him. Trump plans to sue. At least he’s true to his word about being a “job creator.” Think of the opportunities he’s creating for young lawyers.
    Celebrities, pageant contestants, and public figures have disassociated with him. Trump has dubbed them “losers.” Others have boycotted his brand. If you want to hurt guy like Trump, hit him in his pocketbook or ego.
    I am left wondering why he would make such an outrageous indictment of Mexicans.  What did he have to gain? Couldn’t he have simply called for stronger border control without the inflammatory rhetoric?
    In an inept defense of his statement, Trump recently said “Public reports routinely state great amounts of crime are being committed by illegal immigrants. This must be stopped and it must be stopped now.”
    That’s deep thinking. “This must be stopped and it must be stopped now.” Sounds something like a beauty contest contestant might say doesn’t it? Or someone running for President— of their high school.
    It is estimated that there are from 11 million to 20 million “illegal” or “undocumented” immigrants here. With such a huge population, you are going to have a cross-section of human behavior, none of which has anything to do with one’s immigration status. Yes, you will have a microscopic sampling of criminals. And you will also have some heroes and heroines, some who enlist in our military, and all kinds of souls—  not unlike the good, bad, and ugly we have among the population in general.

Bernie And Maggie
    To demonize all such people is truly reprehensible. The reality is most such immigrants are here to work hard and thrive. The vast majority has strong family values and deeply rooted religious beliefs.  Simply put, they are good people. If the borders are porous, we shouldn’t blame those who endure great personal risk to escape a bad life to find a better one.
    Donald, send me your address and I’ll send you a DVD of the 1983 film El Norte. Ah, the hell with it— buy your own.Shylock in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice asked “If you prick us, do we not bleed.
I think the proper paraphrasing for Mexicans is to ask “If a prick attacks us, do we not bleed?”
Written By: Bernie Shine, Sr. Contributor
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP; File
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