Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

KKK Leader, David Duke Endorses Donald Trump, ” He Understands The Real Sentiment Of America,” Highlight Hollywood News

Unlike many political candidates, Donald Trump doesn’t do code speak, he is very open and above board with his racism and bigotry, he has been so, ever since the GOP embraced him with the birther silliness.  And as David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK says, “He understands the real sentiment of America.”  Could not have said so better myself.  At least the narrow, but vocal minority in America, who want to pretend Trump isn’t a dangerous racist.  But this is America, I say stop forcing bigots and racists into the closet. Let them come FLYING out and show us how they really feel. Trump has done that for sure, and his followers and supporters are finally emboldened to let us all know how they really feel.  I say that is a good thing, not bad.  Not knowing is far worse. 
Let’s get it straight, Duke is a white supremacist, unabashed and Trump’s rhetoric is the same he and the KKK has used since the founding after the civil war in 1865.  And Trump’s refusal to decline his support is telling. Just last night he spent the evening on Twitter beating up another woman, which he does very well, but he needs to embrace the Dukes of the GOP and of America, and he is looking for a “conman” way to have it both ways, while giving Duke the “wink, wink of Thanks!”
David Duke, the anti-Semitic former Ku Klux Klan leader, praised Republican front-runner Donald Trump for his immigration policy proposals and said Trump is “the best of the lot.”

After ranting about “Jewish supremacy” and Jewish domination of the media, Duke took time out of two of his radio programs last week to talk up Trump’s candidacy as a “great thing,” praising the Republican candidate’s plan to deport the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.


“Trump is really — he’s really going all out. He’s saying what no other Republicans have said, few conservatives say. And he’s also gone to the point where he says it’s not just illegal immigration, it’s legal immigration,” Duke said last week on his radio show, also pointing to Trump’s plan to put more restrictions on work visas to ensure Americans are hired before foreigners. Buzzfeed News first reported the comments on Tuesday.

Duke, who previously served in the Louisiana statehouse and ran for U.S. Senate in that state, is still unsure about Trump over his “supposed” support  for his “deep Jewish connections” and support for Israel.

Trump, whose daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and is religiously observant, has been very vocal about his support for Israel and has slammed President Barack Obama’s administration for strained relations with the Israeli government.

I find it so funny how many Americans care more about Israel than the U.S.  But that’s America, we are nothing if not non-thinkers.  But what is really scary, are the people who don’t think they are racist, but they love Trump and his racist rhetoric.  At least he’s not unsure or uncertain about who and what he is, and who he wants to speak for.  David Duke and “closet racists” in America.  Now, just pick flip-flooper, Uncle Tom Ben Carson as a VP pick and you have the winning ticket.  Now, enough with the hogwash, “Donald Trump is not talking like a racist.” When the KKK says you are speaking the truth, then what you are saying must be racist! klandborderwatch
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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