Major ‘Game Of Thrones” Character Reportedly Filming In Iceland, Winter Is Here, Highlight Hollywood News



“Game of Thrones” is currently filming its sixth season and it’s going to be even more exciting and shocking than the past five.  At the end of Season 5, so many major characters were left up in the air, with major cliffhangers. The biggest being Lord Commander Jon Snow, who was last seeing bleeding out on the snow at Castle Black, after an assassination by his Brothers in the Night’s Watch.  Many fans believe Jon will be revived by the Red Priestess, who arrived just hours earlier at The Wall, and also don’t forget she burned alive Princess Shireen Baratheon just 24-hours earlier as a gift to The Lord Of Light, and life has to come from her death.  But, it doesn’t mean Jon.  Also, Cersei was left a broken and bitter woman as the Queen and Maergery and Loras are still in Black Cells as prisoners in King’s Landing. SPOILER ALERT! CLICK OFF THE PAGE if you do not want to become possibly Unsullied!
Arya in Braavos was left blind, and Sansa and Theon were seen jumping off the walls at Winterfell, hopefully into the deep snow and not their deaths.  Princess Myrcella was left dying on the floor of the ship after learning Ser Jaime Lannister, her mother’s twin brother is also her father and we don’t know where things will go for Jaime from there.Iceland-pictures-87

However, WoTW is reporting that the handsome Dutch actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who portrays the one-handed Jaime Lannister is in Iceland filming some scenes for Season 6 of “Game of Thrones.” Iceland is oftentimes used for scenes North of The Wall, the Riverlands in the North and last season’s epic episode “Hardhome” saw exterior shots from Iceland, but the crew had to shuttle back to Northern Ireland because there was not enough daylight to film the intricate scenes for Hardhome.  GOT-Jaime

So, will Jaime venture North to find Lady Brienne of Tarth? Will he venture elsewhere North? And isn’t Jaime aware that Winter is Here in the North already?

“Game of Thrones” returns for Season 6 in April 2016.   Relive the scene in Dorne, when Ser Jaime Lannister attempted to save his daughter/niece Princess Myrcella from the Sand Snakes (Prince Oberyn Martel’s daughters), in an epic fight (HERE):

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  File; Helen Sloan/HBO
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