‘Teen Wolf’s’ Douglas Tait Speaks Ahead Of Teen Choice Awards, From Dread Dr. To Sasquatch, Handsome Star Tells Highlight Hollywood All

Douglas Tait is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and he is also one of the most prolific actors as well.  Most of Hollywood’s leading men do everything possible to showcase their handsome faces, but Douglas, he allows his face to be covered by makeup, or in the case of MTV’s hit primetime drama “Teen Wolf,” he’ll wear a mask. Doug is one of this season’s scary Dread Doctors.  That’s right, every season there seems to be an exciting new creature that shows up in the tiny spooky town of Beacon Hills.  But this year they have outdone themselves with these mysterious and deadly creatures that haunt not only the Beacon Hills High students, but viewers as well.

Doug is ecstatic to be a part of such a phenomenal team of cast and crew, and believes it all starts at the top.  “Being on TEEN WOLF is such a blessing.  ​This show is a blast to be a part of. I believe it all starts from the top, and the creator of the series Jeff Davis is such a nice guy, who is very involved on set. Jeff makes you feel at home and it sets the tone of a great working environment. Teen Wolf is a Cult Classic, not just in the US,  ​but  all over the world.”

The_Pathologist_Doug _Tait

Doug Tait Says It’s Not All Scary, He Finds Humor On The Set Of MTV’s Hit TEEN WOLF


Adding,  “I didn’t realize how big the fan base was until I was on the show. It’s really fantastic to be a part of.”

But, I told Doug I would become claustrophobic in that costume or all of that makeup he normally wears on a daily basis.  Not him!  “I feel very comfortable playing these characters. I have been acting in these roles for a long time now, and I have learned a lot over the years ​ which​ helps me with each new character I play​.  ​They are all different, but The Pathologist is different because I  am in a mask, not makeup. ​When working under a mask, you can’t use your face to express your emotions, so you have to rely on your body language and slight head movements to bring the character to life. This is a fine line because you don’t  want to do to much, then it will come across silly instead of scary,” the handsome star said.​


Imagine A Dread Doctor Coming After You, And You Are Not One Of The Lucky Ones, Who Hears A Director Yell, “Cut!”

Douglas is very smart and talented, but he’s also very grateful, and when I bragged to him about being nominated this year for this weekend’s Teen Choice Awards in the category of Favorite Villains, he laughed, and quickly reminded me of everyone else who is also nominated.  “I am nominated as one of The Dread Doctors and I am up against a very talented group of actors, Tommy.  A, for PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, Tom Cavanagh for THE FLASH, Terrance Howard for EMPIRE, Matt Nable for ARROW and Chris Wood for THE VAMPIRE DIAIRIES.  I don’t expect to win, but I feel very honored to be considered.”


Good thing Douglas is such a nice guy, but come on! There were no scarier and more villainess guys on screen this year than the Dread Doctors on MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” I DVR it on Monday nights and watch during the daylight on Tuesday.


So, what is it like working with some of the hottest young stars today from the MTV series “Teen Wolf?”  Douglas quipped, “All the young actors on the show are so down to earth and humble.  I love working with all of them.  Tyler Posey (SCOTT) has me laughing nonstop whenever we have scenes together, he is hilarious!”


Really? Some of their scenes look downright scary to me.  You can see Doug as a Dread Doctor on “Teen Wolf, ” where the Dread Doctors find poor Styles and Hayden here!


Doug Filmed Five Jack Links Messing With Sasquatch Commercials In South Africa. Each One Has Gone Viral!


And one of the most popular roles Douglas Tait has right now is also one you don’t get to see that handsome face.  It’s as Sasquatch! That’s right, guys, he wears the bigfoot costume, he’s done it before on NBC’s “Grimm,” But the viral commercials for Jack Links Messin With Sasquatch are becoming popular around the globe.  Douglas seems like such a pro, he is willing to don any outfit or costume to make us laugh, cry or run like hell!


The guy who also plays Sasquatch laughed when I brought up his latest commercials.  “Yes, Tommy. I shot five new commercials in South Africa as the Jack Links Sasquatch so far.  It was a fun character to play, and the commercials are hilarious as well.”


Doug would be correct about how funny these commercials are, and check one of them out here!


So, what else is this guy up to?  Believe me, he’s one of the hardest working men in Hollywood.  “[Right now] I’m shooting the film Wild Boar in between working on Teen Wolf. My friend Barney Burman (Grimm) is Directing it. Currently you can watch me on Netflix in Alien Outpost and The Quest TV series . Also, look out for the Horror film Havenhurst which will be released soon,” Tait states.



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Meanwhile, Douglas is amongst Comic-Con’s biggest attention getters.  From Henry Cavill to “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington to the bestselling author George RR Martin. Doug’s lines are always long, but he takes time with every single fan to make them feel special.  So, what’s his next upcoming fan event?  “I will be at Son Of Monsterpalooza in Burbank in September. It’s my favorite convention to attend.”

So, what’s up in 2016? Come on guy, it’s only months away, and Douglas has a long range career plan if anyone else has one.  “Well, as of now I will see how my Dread Doctor character plays out on Teen Wolf. I can’t commit to any other projects until ​I know how long I am on the series. However, there is something in the works for 2016 that I can’t talk about and it will be my dream role if it ​works out​.  Tommy, you will be the first to know when it happens!”

Okay, I’m holding him to that. Please check back with Highlight Hollywood for updates on this talented leading man, who just happens to be tall and handsome and ready for his next closeup, even if it means four-hours in the makeup chair to cover up good looks so he can scare the bejeezus out of us!

Stay tuned!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Douglas Tait’s Private Collection
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