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An Interview With Filmmaker Eric Casaccio, ‘Narcissist,’ Which Will Be Screened This Weekend At Glendale International FF, Highlight Hollywood News

Filmmaker extraordinaire Eric Casaccio seems to be on a never-ending race with one of the best short films in Hollywood.  “Narcissist” has returned. The film makes its way on Friday to the Glendale, (Calif.) International Film Festival. For Friday, Saturday and Sunday Hollywood is abuzz with some of the greatest films featured at this prestigious venue, but none will top this award-winning champion that seems to keep going as time goes by.  Highlight Hollywood spoke with the director and filmmaker Eric Casaccio, who is very excited to have this honor and who has news of his own on a personal level, that just seems as though it was meant to be.
Incase you have been under a stone the past few years, and have not heard about “Narcissist” the movie, it is the story of a kind soul (Evan) who attracts a dark knight (Rob) into his life. It’s almost as it’s meant to be until Rob goes from a charming man to a manipulative individual who suddenly pulls the carpet out from under Evan, smashing his heart into a million pieces. Narcissist-5
Now, I have to admit, after seeing the film for the first time, I had to watch it a second time, because I probably was having a PTSD-moment and remembering that dark narcissist in my life from two decades ago.  However, by the time I saw the film for the second time, I was a huge fan of this dynamic filmmaker, who has touched a nerve in Tinseltown for making films of meaning but those which make you think and make you ask yourself the tough questions.  No question was too tough for Eric when I recently spoke with him, and he admitted that he’s had a change in his life as well.  “I have completed the course in life coaching and I’m excited to be going into this field,” Casaccio confirmed.
I can’t think of anyone more suited to help others than Eric. He is a pure and beautiful soul who embodies this in everything he does.  “Narcissist” may sound like a nightmare, especially if like me you’ve met the really bad ones, that are actually not simply narcissistic, but as Eric points out, “Sociopath-narcissist, who drain you,” he added. “They simply go from one person to the next, and they never change. They use people, they destroy you as much as they can because that is the control they have over you.”
In this film, Rob, played by the charismatic and handsome leading man Brionne Davis, who recently guest starred on Showtime’s hit drama “Ray Donovan,” and came out on the wrong side of a boxer in prison.  Brionne probably was the perfect one for this role, since he is the epitome of the opposite of a dark narcissist. He in fact is one of the most giving people on the planet, and definitely why he steals the screen whenever he’s on it. “Brionne as you know is nothing like his character (Rob) in the film, Tommy.  But he really is a director’s dream actor. He just becomes any character he’s playing. He’s one of the best actors in our industry,” Eric continued.
So, Eric obviously knew a dark narcissist in his life, and he explains the traits better than anyone I know. “They are always the victim, no matter how many people they destroy, how many lives they ruin, they are always misunderstood and they are masters of finding the next one to prey on, and you really have to get to a place where they don’t  drain the life out of you. Let them think they have won, that they are smarter than you, just get away from them.”   narcissist-6When I told Eric that narcissism is a trait well known in this industry, the handsome director and filmmaker laughed and reminded me, “There’s also healthy narcissism, Tommy. For instance, you are good at what you do, you probably know it, and that’s a good thing. Confidence and determination with a healthy dose of narcissism is fine.  But not the type of dark, cunning sociopaths who enjoy using others, blaming others and going on to their next prey to destroy.  We all know people like this, and once you become confident and strong within yourself, you can avoid getting involved with these people. You will always come across them in life, but you can learn through self confidence and through educating yourself about them, how to just deal with them on a limited basis and move on.”Hunter,&Eric,BrionneSounds like I’m getting a life lesson from the master, huh? Well, I am. Eric reminded me what I can do to make things better for myself after surviving the worst kind of narcissist, who almost seems like a leech, who drains the confidence and positive energy out of others.What makes this film so interesting, is that every time you watch it, you see another layer that Brionne Davis is able to show us in Rob.  And you find yourself rooting for Evan, and he finally does the unthinkable, and I won’t give it away, but it is a film that you walk away from, but it has a lasting (positive) effect on all.

In addition to Brionne Davis, it also stars also talented Hunter Lee Hughes, who manages to make you empathize and find hope, Jonathan Looper, who is handsome and very talented, but manages to make you feel like he’s the guy next door, Michael Raif, who gives a great performance, Christopher Gaida, who is a star to watch and everybody’s beautiful and intuitive grandmother played by Angela McEwan, who manages to become the heart and soul of this epic short film.

Eric is becoming a jetsetter, who is traveling around the nation from film fest to the other, making such a difference.  “I am amazed when we screen the film somewhere, and hear the stories that you and I know exist, almost everyone has had this type of person (narcissistic sociopath) in their life at one point or another.  And each time I hear it, I find myself not only listening and empathizing, but offering some sort of advice. I suppose that’s why I chose to go into this new field,” said filmmaker Eric Casaccio.
To learn more about this exciting event in the Valley, head over to the Glendale International Film Festival’s site, and get in there to see this incredible film.  And LIKE the movie’s Facebook Page for updates!
Eric, I Have Taken Your Advice!
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Narcissist Movie Site
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