Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Filmmaker Mark Grabianowski’s ‘Messiah’ Scares Into A Frenzy Of Faith, Highlight Hollywood News

Okay, I have to admit, I will kick myself for not making time to see “Messiah,” a film directed by up and coming filmmaker/star Mark Grabianowski.  The talented visionary offered Highlight Hollywood a sneak peek into his 9-minute horror film, which has to be one of the best of the genre since “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Yes, it’s that darn scary.  Firstly, I am a huge Halloween season lover, and even though I close the doors, draw the curtains, turn off the lights so no trick or treaters will appear, and can save all the candy myself. I’m not quite sure I’ll ever be home alone again and not get the nagging feeling that I should be looking over my shoulder.  And the next time some proselytizer leaves a pamphlet in my door talking about, “The Coming of the Messiah,” I think I’ll pack my bags and head for the hills.
“Messiah” was written by Justin J. McCoy, who also is a producing on this horrifyingly brilliant film.  It stars ethereal beauty Megan Duffy, who would give Reese Witherspoon a run for her money.  As Courtney, Megan is a fun-loving type of gal, who answers the door and her life is never the same again.  Ever!  Joey Kloberdanz plays her friend Paul, who we find in the film in let’s say, a very difficult situation.  He’s all tied up, but ladies, don’t get excited. Paul is no longer available for dating.  messiah-4Beautiful actress Rachel Langdon must be under layers of makeup, because the stunner becomes a chillingly lethal follower of the “Messiah” in a role that is billed as (Mysterious Woman).
Mark Grabianowski
Mark Grabianowski, Director/Producer
Grabianowski works diligently to make every moment of this film short matter. There is not one frame that bores. It’s compact storytelling is definitely large enough for the big screen.  How he and the writer/Justin J. McCoy were able to find so much material to jam-pack into this film and yet every moment is not only groundbreaking but filled with horror and intrigue.
When Courtney allows the “Mysterious Woman” into her home as anyone would do, the shadow of a figure walking behind her down the hall captures our attention and from the beginning to the end, this film holds on to your nerves and you never feel as if it will let go.
What is so groundbreaking about this film, is that normally films of this genre almost make fun of the characters.  Everyone in this film held their own in their dramatic roles, never camping for a moment, and never failing to be spot on “in character” from beginning until the very end.  The ending is shocking and it isn’t what I could have ever guessed.
Justin J. McCoy
Justin J. McCoy, Writer/Producer

This young group of filmmakers and actors have a hit on their hands. Their chemistry, their talent and imaginations should be bottled and sold at every film school across the country.“Messiah” makes me want to run and hide under the covers. But after seeing it, I’ll have to sleep with every light in the house on.  This film is definitely worthy of its praise and acclaim that seems to be catching on at certain fests and in Indy circles.

And with the death of Wes Craven, it seems both Mark Grabianowski and Justin J. McCoy are both following in his footsteps, of making the most of a horror story, but respecting the audience and treating us as if we’re intelligent.  Oh, and they scare the unholy hell out of you for kicks!
“Messiah” receives FIVE and a Half Stars out of a possible FIVE from Highlight Hollywood.
Although we’ll be following this filmmaking team, you can learn more about the film at their official site here! And please like on Facebook!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Marked House Pictures
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