Leading Men Gold Standard: Liev Schreiber, A Martinez And Pierson Fode, Highlight Hollywood News

Last week was an exciting one for TV viewers, and this week TV’s Best 2015 show, “The Bastard Executioner” debuts.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s this past week’s performers that we are going to talk about.   Liev Schreiber, who portrays Ray Donovan on Showtime’s hit drama of the same name, A Martinez, who portrays Jacob on Netflix’s hit drama “Longmire” and Pierson Fode, who portrays Thomas Forrester on CBS’s mega drama “The Bold and the Beautiful” are this week’s Leading Men Gold Standard.
The three actors had very dramatic performances on their shows.  With Liev Schreiber kicking off Sunday night with a storyline that pit Ray against dad Mickey (Jon Voight) and trying to save his brother from prison and to get him to the altar in time to marry the woman he loves.  Ray is a very complicated guy, and Schreiber does such a wonderful job of making him likeable. He’s in a lot of trouble and he doesn’t even see it coming.  His boss is becoming unhinged, his nemesis has returned to Los Angeles, his wife is cozying up to his brother Terry and his daughter is embarking on an affair with her male teacher.
Liev does such a fantastic job in underplaying his scenes. In a series with such a solid ensemble of thespians, he is able to steal every scene he’s in just with the blink of an eye.   Here’s promising you don’t want to miss Liev Schreiber or “Ray Donovan” for the next few weeks, leading up to a shocking finale.

“Ray Donovan” airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

And then the Netflix rollout of “Longmire” was a hit on Thursday morning, with A Martinez offering a phenomenal performance as Jacob Nighthorse. Martinez has always been one of the most charismatic and handsome leading men in Hollywood, but he has truly found the role of his lifetime in “Longmire.” The intensity that always seems to be bubbling at the surface when this actor is on screen is palpable.  Martinez is charming, but he has the rare ability to make viewers fixated on the role he’s in at any moment.  He has a huge number of fans, and with Netflix’s “Longmire,” he proves he’s got the stuff to be head and shoulders above others.   This guy should have his very own show. He is simply flawless in every role he plays.
“Longmire” Season 4 is on Netflix, and each week for the next three weeks, we’ll be considering other “Longmire” cast for GOLD, so let us know who you’d like to see here.
Meanwhile Pierson Fode has stepped into the role of Thomas Forrester on CBS’s Daytime titan “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The writers put Thomas into the thick of it all from day one. So, Pierson proves he’s ready for it all, because he played everything with great style, talent and the ease of which other recasts would have a hard time convincing viewers that he’s ready for everything Brad Bell and his talented award-winning will be throwing at him. And Thomas and Pierson will have a great deal of that in the coming weeks.
Pierson Fode owns this role now.   “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Showtime; IMDB; Trevor Boyd
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