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Fans of season four of “Longmire” on Netflix will miss out on seeing Omar this time around, but it doesn’t mean you are not going to be seeing him on the small screen again. In fact you’ll see Lou in the best series coming to TV in 2016.  It turns out the handsome and very talented actor Louis Herthum is in the distinguished cast of the upcoming HBO drama “Westworld,” which I can tell you, will blow your mind!  By this time next year, you’ll all be enthralled in “Westworld,” which also stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood, (who is the former Queen of Louisiana on HBO’s former hit drama “True Blood”),  which Lou also starred in as a werewolf packmaster!
Lou is one of the most prolific actors, a writer and producer as well in the business. He not only delivers solid acting, but he is very popular with fans. He was invited to this year’s “Longmire” Days, but was unable to attend due to prior work commitments. Though the talented and popular star does have great admiration for the fans of the show.
The Baton Rouge native just seems to wreak of Southern grace and manners. He is very forthcoming about the honor he felt, as well as awe working in “Westworld” with Anthony Hopkins, who is a legend in this industry.
“The entire cast, crew, the producers and directors on this show are all top notch, to say the least. As for my being given the opportunity to work with the great Sir Anthony Hopkins, let me just say that for an actor, it simply doesn’t get any better. I needn’t tell anyone about his acting prowess which is second to none, but I do believe he is about the most endearing, kindest and most humble man I have ever met. I truly cannot say enough about him as a person. As for the experience itself, it marks the pinnacle of my career thus far and frankly, it will be hard to beat.”LouHerthum-LastExorcism-Debut
I for one am looking forward to the scenes these two great thespians will share on screen.  HBO tells Highlight Hollywood, that they are excited about “Westworld” and have released a teaser already to the media.  Lou had a great experience filming the upcoming series and shared with us that he hopes viewers will catch on and that this isn’t just a nostalgic walk back in the Yul Brynner cult classic film, but also something that is ripped from the headlines.

“Tommy, it’s not hard to imagine that the creators of (Westworld), Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy Nolan have created something very timely and cutting edge. One need only look at their track record to understand that. As each day passes new technology lures us into becoming more and more dependent on some form of artificial intelligence. We can already see quite clearly the down-side of this technology as many huge American companies and even our own government are experiencing outside cyber attacks. Soon robots will be taking over work normally performed by humans. Google and other enormous companies are developing amazingly real humanoid robots. China has created robots that are not that unlike the ones you will see in (Westworld). So this is no longer science fiction. It is reality. So one must ask, what will happen when these computers/robots become smarter than the humans who created them? Case in point, “Watson”, a computer beat two of the best Jeopardy players to ever play the game. And those two guys are crazy smart! I think (Westworld) will hold a mirror up to our faces in regard to what we are doing with AI… and what we see may scare the hell out of us.

The handsome leading man may seem familiar, sure, we remember him in the vampire supernatural HBO drama “True Blood,” as J.D., a werewolf with a hell of a bite.  But he also worked with another legend in his career, starring opposite the iconic British star Angela Lansbury in the CBS hit series “Murder She Wrote,” in the final five season as Deputy Andy Broom.  In the first episodes for Lou as the young Deputy, long before he was permanently cast in the part, the script had no name for the Deputy, only listed as “Deputy.”
Ron Masak looked at the name tag which of course the prop dept. had put on his uniform, Andy Broom, and said, “I’m going to call you Andy to help establish you.”  Ron knew that Lou might become the regular Cabot Cove Deptuty and wanted to start establishing him right away.”  Lou said of it, “I’ll never forget that gesture.”
Lou speaks so highly of working on the series and being a part of such a show that was groundbreaking, “I have had some wonderful jobs in my career but to have been a part of such an iconic show as was (Murder, She Wrote), that’s one for the ages. The show was ground breaking for so many reasons. It was the first time the star of a TV show was a woman in her 60’s, it was in the top 10 of all TV shows from season 2 though 11 and the only reason it was not in the top 10 season 12 is because CBS moved it from Sunday night to Thursday night opposite Seinfeld. The show would regularly get over 20 million viewers per new episode, something unheard of today, and truth be told, it could have run even longer. It was Angela’s decision to end the show when she was moved from Sunday night and saw the inevitable drop in ratings. She had too much respect for the show to see it treated that way. And even though we were sad to see it go, I applaud her for doing it.
LouHerthum-4“So it was ground breaking in that regard as well. Heck, it might still be running for all we know because it is still very popular world wide. Also, it was such a great place to see a plethora of famous actors from shows past. As a cast member, working with such actors was an absolute blast! Chad Everett was my favorite Guest Star to work with. He had some amazing stories to tell. Then of course, there was the undeniable pleasure and honor of working with Angela herself. Such a wonderful person not to mention an icon in the business. I think she was, and still is, the classiest woman in show biz. I recently saw her in (Blithe Spirit)  at the Ahmanson Theater. She stole the show and I am not exaggerating. And to think she was 89-years-old at the time. She will turn 90 this October. Amazing. Also working with Ron Masak and William Windom was such a pleasure and truly unforgettable. Two wonderful actors, men and friends. I stayed in touch with Bill until his passing in 2012 and I still stay in touch with Ron.”

LouHerthum-LongmireThe series “Longmire” returned this season to Netflix, after its three-year-run ended on Cable’s A&E.  But viewers of the show and many of our readers hope that if there’s a fifth and more seasons coming up, that Omar will be visiting the sleepy town.  When asked if he would be open to returning to this acclaimed drama, Lou tells Highlight Hollywood,   “Well, sure I would. I was, and am honored to have been a part of the show at all. I think it is one of the best shows on television now and one of the best in recently memory. The fan base is large and growing daily. As I think you know, it really was the fans who saved the show through their Twitter “stampedes” that they organized and frequently conducted while the show was in talks with Netflix. I participated in many of the stampedes as well. Because like I say, I am a fan of the show, I wasn’t doing it to save my job, just to save a favorite show. My character OMAR has a very loyal twitter fan base as well. They call themselves #teamomar. They are wonderful and I send them my love, thanks and best wishes!”

Indeed, Highlight Hollywood was happy to help with the Stampedes, and the Posse Chief Pamela is like a part of our family here, all of the fans are what Lou says, just amazing people.
Some people in this industry just seem as though they were born to be performers. Lou is one of those people.  The very prolific actor also completed a project “Night Stalker,” which is a story that touches almost everyone in this town, as Richard Ramirez stalked women in the night in Los Angeles one very hot summer in the mid 1980s, and I remember many people, especially single women  not leaving their windows open overnight, fearing they would become the evil serial killer’s next victim.

Lou plays Jed in the film, and when asked about the role he said,  “Well, the film is based partly in truth and partly in fiction. My role lies in the fictional part. I play an attorney working with another attorney portrayed by Bellamy Young who is trying to free a man from death row by persuading Richard Ramirez to confess to the murder the man was convicted of and is being put to death for. Most of my scenes are with Bellamy but all are phone calls. So we never even met.”LouHerthum2

Most definitely that would be the fictional part.  Ramirez is so evil, no one would dare try to persuade him to do anything.  But, that’s what Lou Herthum is excellent at, making a role believable.
The busy actor has also starred in ABC’s “Revenge,” “Justified” on FX, HBO’s “True Detective,” CBS’s mega hit “NCIS” as well as dozens of other shows.When asked how long he wanted to be an actor, Herthum enthused, “It all started in 1968 when my father took me to see the Steve McQueen film Bullitt when I was 12 years old. From that moment on I wanted to become a stuntman and drive cars like that (chase scene) in films. And I made no bones about telling all who would listen that that was the plan through the rest of junior high, high school and college.   However, in the late 70’s I started modeling and doing local tv adds in Baton Rouge. I had a wonderful agent there, Dee Cothern, and in early 1981 she put a copy of the stage play “THE RAINMAKER” by N. Richard Nash in my hands and insisted that I go read for the Baton Rouge Little Theater production which was about to be mounted. I didn’t want to do it but thought, if I don’t have the balls to do that, how could I find the balls to drive 100 mph on narrow roads and jump off of buildings when I got to Hollywood? So long story short, I read for the supporting role of ‘ Jimmy’ and wound up being cast in the lead role of ‘Starbuck’. That experience changed my life and acting became my new career goal. Ten months later, after doing two more shows in Baton Rouge,  OKLAHOMA as Will Parker  and in GREASE! as Kenikie, I found myself in Los Angeles waiting tables and living the life of a struggling actor. It was magnificent!”
 LouHerthum-TB LouHerthum-TB2
With the highly acclaimed “Westworld” in his future, does the father of a beautiful young lady think about the future with so much technology in play, that we almost have no privacy anymore?“Absolutely, I do worry about this. I have a beautiful 11-year-old daughter who I am so very proud of and whom I would love to publish countless photos of and brag about on my Facebook page. And I have but I do it very rarely. I did it once and people started to ‘Share’ my posts so I have pretty much stopped doing this because there were a few strange remarks that frankly disturbed me. When she is a little older I won’t have as big an issue with it but for now, I don’t like the idea of her picture being all over the web,” said Herthum.  Concluding,  “Though she probably wouldn’t mind. In fact there is one shot of the two of us on the web when she was about 6. We are horsing around and she is pinching my nose. She loves the fact that she comes up in a Google search. So while I would love to post hundreds of pictures of her because I am so proud to be her father, it’s just a little different being in the public eye. She is am amazing and talented young lady and I have a feeling that one day, she may be more in the public eye herself. But of course, that is up to her.”
Herthum is a busy actor, and here’s hoping we see a great deal more of him on TV and in films.  You can follow the star on Facebook and on Twitter.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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