Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

Sleepy Hollow Addicts Hit Social Media On Thurs., Oct. 1 During Fox’s Season 3 Premiere Of ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ DETAILS, Highlight Hollywood News

One of FOX’s biggest series, “Sleepy Hollow,” hit the ground running with an epic freshman season that garnered ratings rivaling the premiere of 24.  It immediately found a faithful, loyal and passionate fandom, affectionately called “Sleepyheads”, who have showed their ‘Sleepy Love’ with ferver.  Neilsen Ratings listed the fandom as the 8th most influential on social media.  And it’s no wonder.  Season two was a tumultuous one to say the very least, yet thanks to the fandom’s influence on social media, Executives stepped in and changes were made which was reflected during the second half of the season.
Although the changes were made, it seemed as though it might be too late as FOX delayed announcement of a third season.  “Sleepyheads rallied with the ‘Renew Sleepy Hollow’ campaign and created a petition, that proved fans still wanted another season with over 3x the amount of signatures than the goal.  Did this help FOX make the decision to keep the show?  Only the Executives know, but Sleepyheads were ecstatic when the announcement was made.  Since then, fans have kept the show front and center via social media through the long hiatus with numerous online twitter parties, interactive contests and chatter as to whether a romance will blossom between ‘Ichabbie’ (smush name for Ichabod and Abbie), Ichabod’s hair, Abbie’s new FBI threads and new cast,” Chrissy Piccolo tells us.  sleepyHollow-s3*Nikki Reed (Twilight)- Betsy Rossnikki-reed-467
*Zach Appleman- Joe Corbin
*Lance Gross- Special Agent FBI Daniel Reynolds
*Shannyn Sossman (Wayward Pines)- Pandora”Fans are eager for the big crossover event where Sleepy Hollow meets Bones! The Halloween episode airing Oct 29 will bring the two shows together, as Abbie seeks Brennan’s help with an 18th century case, to use her 21st century technology,” Chrissy stated.  “The event begins with Ichabod and Abbie on Bones, then continues as Booth and Brennan head to Sleepy Hollow to solve the case.”The series has been moved from its original Monday night perch after Gotham, now paired with Bones, to Thursdays and Sleepy Hollow S3 premiere is October 1 at 9 p.m.  Sleepy Hollow Addicts is hosting a twitter party, Oct 1 for 1 hour, beginning at 7 p.m. ET with a Sleepy Trivia contest.  Answer correctly using #SleepyTrivia to be entered into the drawing for a sweet Sleepy swag you’ll definitely want! Then stick around for the S3 premiere at 9 p.m. ET and trend #SleepyHollowS3 for 1hr!  Then tune in to Sleepy Hollow Addicts first broadcast of the season on Google Hangout as we dissect, gush and chat about the premiere!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Fox TV
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