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Evan Peters Talks ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’ His Favorite Actors And What He Things Of Gaga? Highlight Hollywood News

Evan Peters

Evan Peters is the only male cast member to survive all five seasons of “American Horror Story,” including the latest incarnation, Hotel. This year, he takes a darker turn, portraying the titular hotel’s mustachioed owner, who just so happens to be a serial killer named James March
When asked about his acting style for the role of Mr. March, Evan admitted, “I love James Dean. I also love Marlon Brando. Thank you for saying that I bring sensitivity to the roles. It’s just me trying to make people see that there are other sides to people. And even if they are doing bad things, they are still human. Sometimes people are made into monsters; sometimes people are born monsters and can be helped. But I always try to humanize characters. Even when I am driving with a friend who says: “Oh, man, that bitch cut me off!” I’ll be like: “Maybe she’s having a bad day.” The person I’m talking to will say: “What the hell, man? You should be on my side.” And I’m like: ‘Well, you know. I am just trying to shed a little light on the situation. We gotta try to help each other out.'”
So, was there ever a hotel that he checked into that was spooky? “There was one in New York right across from Penn Station. I got this hotel room and it was kind of dingy with spots on the wall and the shower water was brown. I got to thinking about the Hotel Cecil [in L.A.] and how that poor girl was found in the water tank [in 2003]; people were complaining about the smell and the taste of the water, and it turned out to be her body decomposing. I started to go into that dark headspace of, I don’t know where this water is coming from. And it was scary and loud and felt like the cheap hotel that Tom Hanks’ character in Big stays in when he first goes to the city—and outside there were gunshots and screaming and he was crying while watching the TV. It was one of those weird, feeling-alone-and-unsafe moments. There were no ghosts, but it was more about the reality of the situation: Man, somebody could easily break into this room and kill me. Or: I am not sure if the water is sanitary.”
Adding, “It was a little scary. But I didn’t know where to stay or what to do. I was naïve at the time.”
What is so surprising to him about his super famous co-star Lady Gaga? “How down to earth she is.”
You can see Evan in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on FX. And don’t miss next week’s exciting conclusion to its Halloween episodes.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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