Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Gov. John Kasich In Beverly Hills For Fundraising, Refuses To Join GOP-Conmen In Calling Out Media, Highlight Hollywood News

On Saturday, Ohio Governor John Kasich says he refuses to play the GOP blame game, you know, “blame the media” and convinced right wingers that the media is against everyone. Even though we receive press releases from ALL of the GOP candidates daily. They are quick to throw the media under the bus, to be driven over by unhappy bigots, who are simply angry that Obama is President, but they are all willing to send press releases and get the coverage they want, and demand which questions they are to be asked. And they call Obama a dictator? The GOP whiners are doing nothing but reinforcing stupidity in their base and costing themselves an election win in 2016. Gov. Kasich gets it, and wants no part of it.
Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke Friday at a California fundraiser for Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, the Ohio governor’s campaign said, putting a longtime friendship to use as Kasich struggles to raise as much money as his competitors.
The movie star and former California governor, a fellow Republican, told attendees that he thought Kasich was the only candidate who made sense during this year’s GOP presidential debates and that Kasich “believes like I do in being a public servant, not a party servant,” a person who was in the room,” he said.
The midday fundraiser took place at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told ABC News.
Kasich and the star of “The Terminator” enjoy a long friendship with roots dating back decades.
Kasich lives and works in the Columbus, Ohio, area, which since 1989, has played host to a bodybuilding competition promoted by Schwarzenegger. Originally called the Arnold Classic, it has since expanded into a multi-sport fitness festival called the Arnold Sports Festival.
Schwarzenegger has also promoted an after-school program in Ohio. Last year, Kasich spoke at a ceremony marking the relocation of a giant statue of Schwarzenegger in Columbus.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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