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L.A. Zoo Offer Engaging Opportunities For Families To Learn About Animals, Details, Highlight Hollywood News

Have you ever wanted your family to explore the world of animals, like the many different ways they use their tails?  Or how patterns on fur, feathers, scales, and skin help animals

‘Vice’ Special Report: Countdown To Zero Debuts, Dec. 1 On HBO, World AIDS Day, Highlight Hollywood News

Humanity may be on the cusp of the first AIDS-free generation in decades. Research into a cure is progressing at a remarkable pace, and this treatable disease is now being beaten in

(VIDEO), Watch Conor McGregor Spar With ‘The Mountain’ From ‘Game of Thrones,’ Highlight Hollywood News

Fans of the most successful HBO series in history “Game of Thrones” know Iceland’s Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson simply as “The Mountain.”   The hulking strongman competitor wrenched the hearts of fans when he

The Carney Awards, Sunday, Nov. 1 In Beverly Hills At Paley Center, Details, Highlight Hollywood News

The Carney Awards Show pays tribute to Outstanding Achievement in the Character Acting field, and on Sunday, Nov. 1, red carpet arrives begin at 4:30, will last an hour, by 6 p.m.

American Art Awards Sculpture Winners Are DeFranco, Giarrizzo, Peck, Untermann, Van Loenen, Herrera, Choi And Woodard

Highlight Hollywood has the exclusive rights to reveal the results of the 50 categories of winning artists in the American Art Awards, decided by the 25 Best Galleries In The Nation. In

ABC Declines To Fire Raven Symone Following Petition To Have ‘The View’ Host Removed, Highlight Hollywood News

ABC has responded to petitioners requesting that The View‘s Raven-Symone be removed from her co-hosting duties, after turning into a smaller version of immoral Whoopi Goldberg, who spent the past two years

Storms, Tornadoes Hit Texas; Kill 6, Residents Prepare For More Wicked Weather, Highlight Hollywood News

Pray for Texans!   The death toll rose to six in Texas as more bodies were recovered on Saturday after another band of strong storms and heavy rain spawned three tornadoes and dangerous flooding

This Week, Two More Clinton Fundraisers Added, Kate Hudson, Zach Braff Join Third Event Hosted By Christina Aguilera, Highlight Hollywood News

Beverly Hills will be a busy place this week for residents as one of the DEM frontrunners is headed to town.  Following her strong debate performance in Nevada and her appearance before

Ministry That Treated Josh Duggar Is Sued For Covering Up Alleged Sexual Assaults At Facility, Highlight Hollywood News

Maybe one day the right wingers will stop blaming the media for everything, and see that the reason their icons in the GOP don’t want them to trust the media, is because

Donald Trump’s Latest War Rages Against HBO’s John Oliver, At Least It’s Not A Woman This Time, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s hilarious, as the GOP candidates (sans intelligent Gov. John Kascich) get together in Washington, D.C. on Sunday to become dictators and decide which questions the “media” can ask them, Donald Trump